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OCC2016 Fanart - Tehry Bah'lyre

Poster: daninisaur




Entrant's Name: Danika (daninisaur)
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Character's Name: Tehry Bah'lyre
Age: 26
Occupation: Fortune Teller/Consultant
Brief Physical Description: Tehry has a slender frame as a result from spending so much time inside growing up. She stands at 5'6" and has long, dark brown hair that is usually tied in intricate braids. She has amber eyes and is usually seen wearing clothes reminiscent of those in Khura'in. Tehry is always usually seen with a magatama adorning her neck.

Brief Personality Description: At first glance, Tehry has a patient and soft spoken personality. To most, she is always seen with a smile on her face. However, she can be very passive aggressive at times, giving back handed compliments and constantly leaving a person wondering if they should be offended or not. In court she her true colors are revealed. In reality, she has a personality that is the complete opposite of this. Her patience is a careful mask she puts up when she actually has a sharp tongue, no patience, and a self-centered personality. She has low tolerance to individuals she believes are uneducated (which is usually everyone). She refuses to make eye contact with anyone she deems as "unworthy."

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Tehry has once offered up her consulting services to Apollo, claiming that she can help him find the culprit to one of his cases using her spiritual power. He declined her offer, not believing in such far fetched practices. A year later, she is ultimately proved to be guilty by Apollo.

Brief Background: Tehry was born in the Kingdom of Khura'in to two defense attorneys five years before the Defense Culpability Act passed. At the age five, however, her parents were forced to flee the country with her in order to avoid prosecution. Her family moved to Japanifornia, but the transition was hard for Tehry, who was seen as weird by her classmates because of her clothing and religious beliefs, forcing her parents to homeschool her. As Tehry grew up, she maintained her deep appreciation for the culture of Khura'in and the special treatment she received from her parents led her to believe she had high spiritual powers. When she was older, she began to get into fortune telling. Her sharp observational skills allowed her to make accurate predictions and she began to make a business off of her lies, telling people that the Holy Mother had blessed her with powers she inevitably did not have. At the age of 23, Tehry moved to Los Angeles and became friends with her neighbor, Enoch Sense, who worked as a Defense Attorney. After learning of her spiritual powers, Enoch began looking to Tehry for consulting services, believing that she could accurate find the true culprit of each of his cases. The two worked together on most of his cases, usually splitting the payment evenly.

Turnabout Misfortune
With Phoenix Wright shaking the foundation of Khura'in, more and more people began learning about the country. One day, when Tehry arrived home, she received a call from Enoch, asking if she could stop by around 9pm. When Tehry arrived, Enoch accused her of being a fraud. Having learned that not everyone from Khura'in has spiritual powers, Enoch threatened to reveal her lies to all her clients. He was worried that he had let possible murderers walks away because of her sham of a business and demanded that she pay him back all the money he had ever split with her. Once he turned his back to her, Tehry took the opportunity and wrapped her necklace around his neck, choking him to death. After realizing what she did, Tehry wiped all her prints from the scene, and set it up to look like a cable had been used as a weapon. That night, Tehry returned home, changed the beads on her necklace (the others having left an impression on his neck and possibly connecting her to the crime), and went to bed. The next morning, Tehry returned to the scene of the crime, knowing that Enoch usually met with his fiancee at that time so the two could go to couple's therapy. True to her plan, Enoch's fiancee was standing above his body. Feigning surprise, Tehry called the police and is later called to court as a witness in order to pin the murder on his fiancee. Her intricate plan is later destroyed by Apollo and she is proved to be guilty.

-Her name can be read as "terrible liar."
-Her clients usually call her Ms. Fortune, being unable to pronounce her last name.
-Tehry has read any and every book she could about Khura'in. Despite loving the country, she has never visited it after moving away.
-The magatama around her neck is fake, something she made out of clay when she was a child (which is why it does not look entirely like those in Khura’in). Her clothes are all handmade, styled according to those found in Khura'in.
-In court, she is prosecuted by Nahyuta, who calls her a disgrace to Khura'in.
-She carries handmade voodoo dolls of any person who has annoyed her. When feigning innocence, she fixes up anything that might be wrong with them. When her true colors are revealed, she repeatedly stabs them with a needle. During the case, she has a voodoo doll of Apollo.