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(OC Contest Fanart) Zapping Bure

Poster: redbluezero



Entrant's Name: Redbluezero
Entrant's website: (only putting this here to explain why my OC art is signed with K1000A/xeolf)
Character's Name: Zapping Bure
Age: 20 (As of AA6)
Occupation: Defense Attorney
Brief Physical Description: Zapping is slightly shorter than average, and is lanky. Despite this, he is somewhat strong. He styles his hair into a mix of his two favorite prosecutors and his two favorite defense attorneys' styles, but it is usually tied back and is very long. When in court, Zapping wears the standard blue suit and khakis but wears a Khurainese cape and sash as well. His irises are usually a dark maroon color, but they turn bright red when he's angered (usually when a prosecutor calls his client guilty).
Brief Personality Description: Zapping is a serious and stubborn person, both in normal life and in court. He doesn't back down from his cases or beliefs, and often gets angry during them because he firmly believes in his client's innocence. When not defending people, or while investigating, Zapping is very sarcastic. The slightest mention of his past terrifies him, and he becomes a hermit when he loses a case.
Brief Background: Zapping was born in Khurain, and his father (who moved there) was a defense attorney. His father protested against Khurain's ways of only using Divination Séances, and was constantly arrested. One day, when Zapping's father tried to prove a young girl innocent of murder, he was killed and told Zapping to run away to Japanifornia with the girl. Zapping did as told and stayed with his father's friends, but never got over his father's cruel death. He, too, became a defense attorney at the young age of 20 in Japanifornia and always defends people in his Khurain outfit.