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OC Contest 2016 (Sprite) - Shai Huitnes

Poster: TheEvilSkeletor




Entrant's Name: Skeletor

Character's Name: Shai Huitnes

Age: 22

Occupation: Fur Trader, Anatomist.

Brief Physical Description: Shai Huitnes wears a heavy tunic to protect himself from cold weather. He wears a cloak upon his back, as well. He coils bandages around his arms to make sure he is ready for treatment of wounds to himself and others. A notable feature is his uncharged magatama.

Brief Personality Description: Shai is a quiet person, and is easily started. He is usually the butt of many jokes.

Connection to canon characters : Ahlbi Ur'gaid (friend).

Brief Background: As a fur trader in a remote area of the world, he made a deal with someone. His furs for their stone. That stone was an uncharged magatama. He heard of the powers a magatama could bestow upon the user. Shai then devoted himself to finding the village of Khura'in, where he could find a spirit medium to charge the magatama.

Notes: Shai is pronounced "shy", so you can figure out the pun yourself.