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OC Contest 2016 [Sprite] - Ta'mha Shii

Poster: Lind



Entrant's Name: Lind
Entrant's Website:
Character's Name: Ta'mha Shii
Age: 25
Occupation: Rebel

Brief Physical Description: Ta'mha has a lithe physique, frizzy, jet-black hair, a pale complexion, and something of a glazed-over look in her eyes at all times, as though she were not looking at you, but looking directly through you. She likes to wear elaborate but breezy dresses, and her favourite colour is wine red. She always wears exactly five magatamas - two hairclips, two attached to her wristbands, and one on her dress, dangling from a golden lace that is woven throughout her favourite dress. For practical reasons, she carries a set of prayer beads.

Brief Personality Description: Ta'mha (or Tammy as she likes to be known) is crafty, conniving, and mischievous. Her favourite hobby is antagonizing people, something she's become very good at over the years. It takes her very little effort to figure out what makes someone tick. In spite of this, Tammy isn't so much villanous as simply amoral. A lifetime of being vilified has led her to ignore her detractors, tuning them out. She's a capricious soul - she does whatever she pleases. This is usually just some mild antagonizing, though - ultimately, she may not be nice, but she's mostly harmless. Also, she is a big fan of the Plumed Punisher series, but always roots for the bad guys.

Brief Background: Ta'mha was born the descendant to a line of spirit mediums who use a forbidden channelling technique - a variation on the Divination Seance that allows them to attain the knowledge of the dead, as well any practical skills learned through muscle memory. As this line had no known biological link to the royal family, they were exiled from the country 300 years ago, but remained in Khura'in unbeknownst to the royalty. Their existence was rediscovered 23 years ago, during the reign of Amara, and it was debated what should be done with them until Garan's reign, who promptly reinstated their exile. Tammy experienced a lot of hate in her lifetime for the ability she was born with, but she soon learned not to take it too seriously. After escaping the Garan regime, Tammy joined the rebels.

Connection to canon characters: As a member of the rebel alliance, she met Datz Are'bal, who she struck up a friendship with after discovering that he is the only person she cannot manage to antagonize.

Canon sprites used: Vera Misham (Young), Dahlia Hawthorne, Iris Hawthorne, Bikini, Maya Fey, Mia Fey (young), Pearl Fey, Lamiroir, Alita Tiala, Franziska von Karma, Franziska von Karma (young), Lana Skye, Yanni Yogi, Rhoda Teneiro, Shih-Na, Kay Faraday, Lauren Paups, Simon Keyes, Katherine Hall (young).