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[OC contest Fanart] Kasper Gavin

Poster: NessieMcCormick




Entrant's Name: Nessie McCormick
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Character's Name: No’ah Findhin / Kasper Gavin (Real name)
Age: 56
Occupation: Homeowner/ Defense attorney (Past)

Brief Physical Description: Kasper is a tall and lean man, of a young appearance despite being in his 50. He has long gray hair, and likes to have it made into a ponytail which he uses over his shoulder. He uses light clothes, perfect for the cold yet hot weather of Khura’in, and styled in the way most Khura’inese people do, one he doesn’t resemble that well due to his prominent foreigner features.

Brief Personality Description: Kasper is a very reserved person, and likes to show little to none of his personal life when first meeting him. He usually hides behind his broom, which he uses to sweep the streets when the weather is nice. He’s not a deeply religious man like the others in Khura’in, which is why he doesn’t carry the mitamah as a necklace but a flower-made-pendant he never takes off.

As No’ah, he’s usually pretty calm, and regards everybody with a warm smile. Since he needs to uses glasses but refuses to use them in fear of being recognized as his old self, he becomes a very clumsy person, often mistaking statues and animals with real people, and talking to them even when they’re not responding. People find him ridiculous, and often ignore him due to his reclusive behavior and his oddly muttering in other languages, even when being polite and pleasant.

(Beware! There's spoilers about the end of SoJ after this break!)

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Klavier and Kristoph’s biological father. He becomes a client of Apollo and much later a defense attorney at Justice Law Offices.

Brief Background: Kasper came to live in Khura’in after escaping from the States, changing his name to No’ah Findhin and erasing all trace of his existence but his attorney’s badge, which he crafted into a pendant that serves as a constant reminder of what he used to do. Since he never shares anything from his past, everybody consider him to be an enigma of a person, often a mysterious man with suspicious activities. In reality, he only likes to take care of his place, and live a peaceful life in his little cottage near the mountains, trying to forget about his old life and move on with the present.

Living as a loner only served to aggravate the trust the others had in him, and it showed after being involved in a murder case, which he was charged with after getting involved in the crime.

He was sweeping the streets as always in the evening when he started witnessing a murder attempt. A man was being attacked by another with a knife in hand, and Kasper ran to try and help the victim, only to be knocked unconscious by the attacker. When he woke up a few hours later, he was lying beside the already dead victim, with the bloody knife in hand. He was arrested in the spot when a patrolling man was passing by and was alerted by a couple of witnesses who spotted Kasper.
Since Apollo is still the only defense attorney in the country, he takes him as his client. Apollo discovers he has a wide knowledge of crime scenes and investigation methods, aside from the obvious knowledge about court proceedings, and when he asks him about this, he lies and says he’s just a fan of crime dramas.

(When lying, he touches the pendant he has in his chest (a flower with a golden center) with his left hand, and slides his pointer finger across the center.)

During the trial, they later discover the victim was a member of the Defiant Dragons, and the killer an ex Gar’an’s royal guard. Kaspar was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and had nothing to do with them, but since people don’t trust him, he was immediately suspected.

After being declared not guilty, Apollo knows he’s still hiding something bigger. Before departing ways, he asks to see the pendant and after examining it for a bit, he confirms his suspicions.

He decides to recruit him. He explains they’re short on defense attorneys in the country, and that if he used to be one, regardless of where he practiced his license, he would be a great help. Kasper immediately refuses, and when Apollo asks why, he says he doesn’t deserve to be a defense attorney anymore, it was in the past and he wasn’t coming back.

This is how the conversation ends. After Kasper leaves, Apollo can’t shake off the feeling he has already met the old man before. Besides, he was a good man and seemed to be a great attorney if the knowledge he demonstrated told him as much, and it would be a great addition to his just-starting law office.

- Kasper (German form of Jasper) means treasured secret, or plain “treasure”. No’ah Findhin was a play with the words No Finding, hinting the fact he doesn’t want to be found again.
- Kasper’s debut case marks a rebellion of Ga’ran’s supporters against the new ruling.
- He collects stuff from the achievements of his two sons, Klavier and Kristoph. For example, he collect posters, magazines and CD’s from the Gavinners featuring Klavier as the main focus, as well as some newspaper covers and articles featuring Kristoph’s most famous cases. Apollo takes notice of this when first entering his house, and thinks he’s just a (very old) die-hard fan of Klavier, until noticing the other brother and making the obvious connection.
- The “G” emblem is actually part of the family’s heirloom.
- When learning about Kristoph’s doings, he was devastated. He even thought of reaching his other son, to support him, but decided against the idea, thinking it was already too late to make an appearance (and thinking Klavier wouldn’t remember him anyway).
- I created this character thinking about giving Klavier a chance of character development and also for the fact that Apollo would now be a boss of a Gavin, a reverse of the past.

(This is my first time doing this and this got too long, and I'm sorry if my english isn't good. I'm so sorry!!)