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OC Contest 2016 — Su'nae Kohyl

Poster: Cro-Iba




Note that this is a pre-existing OC I've created previously for a competition on the AAO forms. That was actually before SoJ released! So I've had to reconfigure the character a bit to conform to actual canon.

Entrant's Name: Reecer6 / Cro-Iba
Entrant's Website:

Character's Name: Su'nae Kohyl
Age: 48
Occupation: Saleswoman of magatamas and magatama accessories

Brief Physical Description: Lean and thin is Su'nae, standing at a modest 5'8". Her hair and eyes take after the royal family's black and green, and her smile is blinding. The traditional markings of a previous Kohyl master—a diamond on her forehead and two symbols by her ears—adorn her face. Also, there's a gigantic magatama on her head.

Brief Personality Description: Su'nae is perpetually bright and cheerful, as well as filled to the brim with enthusiasm, while also excessively polite. With such a lively and pleasant countenance, you almost don't notice or care when she subtly shifts the conversation towards getting you to buy a magatama for the eighth time today. She's very talkative, but very impersonal, and will quietly defuse any attempt of getting information about her and her past. Her years as a saleswoman have trained her to keep this personality up regardless of what's actually happening, and will stringently deny ever being cornered, hiding any real fear or anger behind her pearly whites.

Connection to canon characters: The descendant of the second (or maybe third? records are unclear) cousin of Ami Fey.

Brief Background: It's true that there are only two bloodlines alive—the Feys and the Khura'in royal family—that are capable of channeling spirits. However, there exists at least one other that regularly practices the occult, intrinsically tied to the others. That is the renowned Kohyl clan, based just outside of the capital of Khura'in, who focus on the acquisition of knowledge and secrets—or, as you might call it, telepathy.

Some twenty years ago, Su'nae inherited the title of Master of the Kohyl Acquisition Technique after the previous Master, her mother, died. However, a few years later, Su'nae mysteriously resigned from her position and gave all rights as Master to her daughter, and left telepathy altogether to start a life as a magatama saleswoman. She uses her powers to not only create massive amounts of these truly necessary pieces of fashion, but to also charge them, and any magatamas you might already own, with the classic abilities (imagine the psyche-locks of the Feys) unique only to the Kohyl clan—for a fee, of course. As with any prominent independent entrepreneur, complaints have arisen—totally unverified—that Su'nae's magic has provided disastrous results to a few of its appropriators, and there is a rumor going about that mishaps like those are what caused her abdication of the Master title all that while ago.

Su'nae actually hires Apollo originally to defend her in a civil case. The plaintiff's some remorseful buyer, accusing her of negligence in selling dangerous magatamas that have caused them injury using their dark spiritual Khura'in majicks, but it quickly arises that someone has also died from the same accident, as trials tend to do. As the defendant, Su'nae is innocent of causing the death, but that doesn't mean she isn't hiding something else behind that salesman's poker face, something much more far-reaching and conspirational...