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OCC2016 Fanart Division - Felix Drayce

Poster: adha.aiman




Entrant's Name: Rakki Tadashii
Entrant's Website (optional):
Character's Name: Felix Drayce
Age: 18 (as of Spirit of Justice)
Occupation: University Student

Brief Physical Description: Felix Drayce is a tall, well built man. He choose to wear the orange vest as a sign of courage and gray shirt as a sign of sincerity. He always carries with him his trusty (modified) tablet. He is rarely seen without it taking space in his left arm.

Brief Personality Description: Felix is a quiet man who thinks that it is unnecessary to speak unless needed. His words are clear, precise and is always on point. Never the type to show emotions unless to those he truly acknowledge and trust.
He isn't the type to flinch at minor remarks and he can take criticism well. Though courageous and smart, sometimes he lets his emotions get the best of him when it comes to those he care most. His creed is to always puts the safety of family and companions before himself. This reckless creed is what always put him in peril.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): His father was good friends with Metis Cykes, and Felix knows Athena from seeing her once when his Father met Metis.

Spoiler note: general spoilers about the end of Spirit of Justice below (no case specifics.)

Brief Background:
In 2018, Felix's father came to Metis asking help for her daughter, Luna who is now permanently blind and seem to temporarily unable to form new memories after a certain incident. Metis, who agreed to help developed a device called RTE (Restoration Therapy Equipment) in a form of a digital camera to capture memories that she can revisit anytime in an attempt to assist her recovery by using RTE's therapeutic system. This is when Felix first saw Athena, asleep in her mother's lab. On a second visit, Metis gives Luna an updated RTE that is lighter and can be hung around a neck as a necklace. Felix took possession of the first RTE and later it is modified into a tablet. 3 years later, Luna's ability to remember is cured.

In early 2029, While travelling to Khura'in to learn about the court system which functions on the absence of defense attorneys, Luna was accused of being a murderer. While Luna is arrested and kept in Khura'in, Felix came back to Japanifornia to ask help from Phoenix to defend her sister.

He reached Wright Anything Agency only to find Trucy telling him that Maya and Athena is currently in Khura'in, helping Apollo with his load of cases. Trucy told him to find Phoenix at a court. He rushed to said court and found Phoenix about to begin a trial.

He sat close near the gallery to judge Phoenix's credibility. Mid- trial, seeing Phoenix baffled present an argument due to his lack of an assistant, Felix went to him to give Phoenix a helping hand. His modified tablet, which retains the ability to capture memories a few years ago was presented to Phoenix. He claims how Phoenix couldn't find the contradiction due to the current testimony being very well fabricated.

He then uses to tablet to recall the most important statements of previous testimonies using an ability he calls 'Recall The End'. Phoenix then uses this new ability to corner the culprit and with Felix's help, manage to win the case. After briefing Phoenix about his situation, Phoenix suggests that he ask help from Apollo and Athena, to which he declines because he holds the key testimony, and demands Luna to not be put on trial until he arrives. Unfortunately, while at the airport, they were informed that all flights to Khura'in was delayed due to terrorist attacks at the airport. Thus Phoenix and Felix's story begin.

-Felix and Luna have clothes that contrasts the color of each other.
-Felix's design was based of Apollo while Luna was based of young Pearls.
-Felix's (latter) injury is due to him trying to confront the true killer outside of law, which isn't revealed until the final case
-He was unaware of Apollo's presence in Khura'in because many people was still mentioning Phoenix as the savior of the broken law system in Khura'in
-His full name, Felix Drayce means 'Lucky Dragon'
-Both him and Luna play a major role in the story.
-The RTE can record short videos, speech and feelings of someone automatically when it detects a strong emotion from a nearby source, preserving these memories in a digital form. I also tried to make the RTE an earlier version of Widget.
-Luna has another device implanted in her brain that can help her 'see' images and emotions stored within the RTE.
-The memory captured in the RTE that Metis had invented is what will solve the final case.
-The incident that caused Luna to be accused is linked the final case involving terrorists in Khura'in.
-The RTE meant for a new gameplay mechanic I thought of, which can use the witnesses previous testimonies or actions (to be used with Apollo's perceive ability) as evidence, and with Luna's help in the last case, can be paired with Athena's abilities to convey emotions.