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OC Contest 2016 - Glory Trai'hil

Poster: Avi S. Puhn




Entrant Name: Avi S. Puhn

Character Name: Glory Trai'hil

Age: 26

Occupation: Defense Attorney

Physical Description: Like any good defense attorney, Glory’s trademark fashion statement is her hair, which has this giant loop thingie going on in the back that doesn't really make sense, but works for Ace Attorney. She dresses in simple but bright Khura'inist clothing, but wears her Dragon's Eye on a pearl necklace to stand out.

Spoiler note: general spoilers about the end of Spirit of Justice below (no case specifics.)

Background/Connection to Canon: Born and raised in the Kingdom of Khura'in, Glory once had unwavering faith in the Courts of Resignation and Insights. Unseen in SoJ, Apollo takes on a murder case in Khura'in, which Glory serves as the key witness in.
Glory quickly finds herself in the crosshairs of Apollo, as he suspects her of being the actual killer. Glory fights back, exchanging more objections with him than the actual prosecutor. Glory eventually gets cornered, and the Judge is just about to pronounce her the guilty party, when suddenly...

Apollo: "OBJECTION! ... You ... don't have the eyes of a killer. The intelligence, the determination, the belief that I'm wrong and you're right ... those are the eyes of a defense attorney...I don't think you're the killer. *desk slam* Your Magistry! The defense would like to unindict Glory Trai'hil! *insert truth theme of your choice*

Together, Apollo and Glory find the true culprit. Afterwards, having seen the dark truth that is Khura'in's legal system, Glory works at the country's only legal office, seeking truth and justice for all.

Personality: Her body language reflects her personality, she slams the desk hard and glares daggers at liars on the stand. She has a passion for helping people, which is all she's got to keep her going in such a hard time for attorneys. The state of the legal system leaves Glory to be a very stressed out person, reflecting lives of modern day American Public Defenders. If a contradiction she finds is painfully obvious, she'll openly insult the witness over it. Her inner monologue is absent of the sarcastic quips signature to Phoenix or Apollo, which is because in court her mind is focused, trying to get ahead of the prosecution. Being a careful person and once falsely accused herself, Glory makes sure to have more than enough evidence before accusing a witness of being the actual perpetrator.