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Oc contest fan art- Vidalia Summers

Poster: NicolasEdgeworth




Spoiler note: general spoilers about Apollo at the end of Spirit of Justice below (no case specifics.)

Entrant's Name: Nico/Nicolas
Entrant's Website (optional):
Character's Name: Vidalia Summers
Age: 24
Occupation: International Detective
Brief Physical Description: She's a freckled redhead with middle-length hair. She's not too tall and chuby. She's proud of her body. She wears a detective cape turned into a dress by herself by adding a blue belt and another skirt behind it.
Brief Personality Description: She's a kind-hearted woman. She tries to be happy all the time but she's constantly annoyed by the others' fashion sense. She has photographic memory so she can remember a place and what's everyone in the place wearing with full detail. It helps in crime scenes too.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She's an Apollo Justice's old friend and Dick Gumshoe's apprentice. She knew Clay and had a crush on him.
Brief Background: She was born in Borginia but was sent to Japanifornia to study at the age of 16. She was going to study design but her roommate got kidnapped and she decided to study law to find her. During her studies she met Dick Gumshoe, whom she asked to be her tutor. He kindly accepted and guided her during her practise until she finally became an international detective. She works with the interpol and goes to help Apollo due to his recent fame (she sees him on a tabloid and tries to help him going to Kura'in to work alongside Justice.)