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OC Contest 16 Fanart - Bahkpon Burah'ka

Poster: Dynakirby63




Entrant's Name: Dynakirby63 (Bolting Shaman)
Character's Name: Bahkpon Burah'ka
Age: 38
Occupation: Khura'inese Martial Arts Instructor

Brief Physical Description:
Bahkpon stands 5'11 (181 cm) tall and has 168 lbs (75 kg) worth of build, though appears skinnier than he actually is. He has a clean head hanging a large, green ponytail tied at the back of his temple and a small beard covering below his face. His eyes are a reddish shade of light brown and he possesses a mark between his eyes similar to that of Nahyuta. His outfit is made of one large white cloth being tied to his whole body proportionately, with the emblem of his family crest at the back of it and he wears bracelets on his right hand made of the crops from his ancestor's graves.

Brief Personality Description:
Bahkpon appears mostly as a calm and wise man. Though he seems to be minding his own business when he's not talking, he's actually observing the people nearest to him and should they approach him for a question. He often replies philosophically, confusing his interlocutor and making them question their need for his service. This makes him a very slick individual, as he often masks his negligence through intimidating dialogue. However, this doesn't mean he's a pushover. Being a martial artist master, he lives up to the reputation, having taken down more than 100 professional practitioners in Khura'in and even served as a member of the royal guard. Rumor even has it that with a clap of his hand, he can cause even a Khura'inese elephant to faint and that his ponytail is sharp enough to slice down an entire grown tree. Despite all these feats and reputation though, he has been hiding the fact that he suffers from one weakness; Nyctophobia. Bahkpon has been fearing the element of darkness since childhood, and can never withstand to stay in an area without at least a shed of moonlight. This shred of weakness made Bahkpon highly respective towards those who are against fears. He strongly respects those who are determined to conquer their worst weaknesses as well as his opponents who do not use their match's weakness to their advantage. Though he appears as a confidently tricky individual, he is a man who earned the respect of Khura'in not just through his strength, but his honor.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Nahyuta Sahdmadhi's martial arts teacher, and former head of the Ga'ran Royal Guard.

Spoiler note: general spoilers about the end of Spirit of Justice below (no case specifics.)

Brief Background:
Bahkpon is a part of the Burah'ka ancestry, a lineage consisting of physique-perfect warriors who served in the ancient wars of Khura'in. Unlike them however, Bahkpon chose the life of a civilian instead of a soldier. He serves as a monk in Tehm'pul Temple but consistently at a moderate stage and focuses all his time on physical training. One day, the head monks admire his great talent and offered him to open his own martial arts training school in the temple for future generations of Khura'in fighters. Obliged, Bahkpon accepted the offer and ran his school for over 10 years. Within that span of time, most of his students graduated as high-class practitioner, but none are top-class, as none of them were able to defeat Bahkpon himself. One fateful day, he greets Nahyuta as one of his students, as he helped train the young man to become more skilled than a simple monk. Nahyuta was Bahkpon's only student to ever graduate as a top-class practitioner though Bahkpon himself denies that Nahyuta actually beat him in their fight and has a different reason to graduate him as such. After his success, Ga'ran saw the potential in his skills, and took him in as the head of her royal guard. After 3 years of service however, he was framed as a rebel of the Defiant Dragons and was dispatched from his position as a result. He was hunted down and had no choice but to disappear from society. A year after the DC act was abolished, he decides that it's finally time to return, and chose to meet with his star student Nahyuta to find his clearance.