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Occ2016 (Fan Art) - Stahren E'mbaak

Poster: Nyappy



Entrant's Name: Jack (Nyappy)

Entrant's Website (optional):

Character's Name: Stahren E'mbaak
(Playing with the khurainese accent to say “Start and Embark” = Stahr-en-E'mbaak )

Age: 19

Occupation: Police Detective (Rookie)

Brief Physical Description:
Male, slim/compact, a little on the short side (5'2"; 157 cm),
dark skin, with khurainese marking on forehead. Piercing on left ear.
Big blue eyes, hair resembles a bird and hair color is “strawberry blonde”
/orange-light brown color. (not sure what's the color is called)

Brief Personality Description:
Has an “I'll try my best!!/ nervous” attitude. Always has a big smile and tries to act confident, but in reality his very confused/nervous and doesn't want to show it since he wants to do his best and not disappoint. Very impressionable, fidgets, does as told. Very enthusiastic and open about the new findings in L.A. Does not want to disappoint his mentor nor the scary prosecutor. (Usually partnered with Simon but when Ema is in the states he works under her to gain the experience). He has trouble understanding american customs but is eager to learn anyways~

Connection to canon characters: Simon Blackquill (partnered prosecutor), Ema Skye (mentor)

Brief Background:
Rookie detective from Khura'in, just finished his training/studies at the Khura'in academy when he encounters Mr. Wright’s second trial on the Foreign Land
(The Rite of Turnabout). Moved and mesmerized by Wright's view of the law and the way he handled the case, he goes meet Phoenix Wright and Ema Skye.

Meeting them helps solidify the idea of Stahren wanting to go abroad on a new journey to learn the way of the American courts systems. Thus he 'starts and embark' to L.A., in a new country with many cultural difference and new things to learn. With Ema helping along the way when she is in L.A.~