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OC Contest 2016 - Mark Tini

Poster: DragonKape




Entrant's Name: DragonKape
Entrant's Website (optional): (if image cannot work, click here)
Character's Name: (real)Lee Cha, (alias)Mark Tini
Age: 25-26 (by SOJ)
Occupation: "freelancing" flair bartender
Brief Physical Description: A slim man of average height, but with his outward confidence he makes himself tall. He has a rounded snub nose, blue-green almond eyes and a little dimple on his right cheek. Mark puts his earth brown hair in a high bun secured by a green stirrer. In fact, his attire revolves on the two colours blue and green along with his red belt bag, martini-glass bowtie and olive belt.
Brief Personality Description: At first glance, he gets overly excitable - making a big deal about even the most mundane task and putting a bit of flair to it. So much so sometimes he can be a little energy-draining, tiring and frustrating people around him. Mark makes an effort to please others from the first impression but rather focusing slightly more on flash than substance. In some cases, he takes suggestions and criticism very seriously to get on someone’s good side without actually reflecting on it (i.e. take them at face value). Inside, he has insecurity and a harsh past he rather not deal with sooner or later, but it shows up as a bad habit of grinding his teeth. Nevertheless, he’s gotten used to change so the man is not afraid to experiment and change for the better. He also have a sensitive nose and tongue, making him a super-taster.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Came to the Wright Anything Agency’s talent branch for work, later received their defence when suspected of murdering his biological dad.
Brief Background: Born Lee Cha, he was the second child of four to a Khurainese teahouse family which he was proud of. The Cha Bar had been popular since its founding before competing with newer dining spots over the years. Mark observed his father dealt with the stress by excessively drinking fermented tea while his mom struggled to manage the business and family. He couldn’t help much but to serve ‘tea samples’ to customers especially his dad. The number of diners depleted due to this state. As a result Father directed his anger on him. Emotionally and verbally abusive, his dad blamed every single fault and called him names like ‘leech’ until Mark withdrew on the tea business altogether. The young man thought his siblings and parents didn’t want him, so he spared enough for a cheap plane ticket to Japanifornia.
Eventually, he went under care of the Tinis, restaurant owners whom coincidentally own a bar station. Mark unexpectedly admired the bartending so much so he started his life anew - going by Mark Tini. He was self-taught before taking courses. However he cared more on the performance aspects than the actual drink, hence the decent taste and lack of potency. Later, he decided to branch out on his own by joining the Wright Anything Agency while the Tinis were away. Impressing the firm, he went back to his foster family to find his old father. Despite escalating to a fight, Mark managed to calm down and wanted to talk the next morning. Unfortunately, the old man got killed before that happened and Mark was arrested on suspicion of murder (justified self-defence on a plea deal). This is when he needed to be a different client for the WAA, and to face his inner demons…

Obviously, Mark Tini is a play-on-words for martini, while Lee Cha lǜ cha (green tea in Mandarin)