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OC Contest 2016 [fantart]: Camellia

Poster: Debeste




Entrant's Name: Debeste
Entrant's Website (optional): -
Character's Name: Camellia Glazier
Age: 23 (in 2028)
Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Camellia is blond with light yellow gradient in the end of the hair. Her eyes are light brown and her eyebrowns are dark brown. She uses a ponytail wraped with a red flower-shaped hair clip. She likes to use frilly clothes and ribbons.

Brief Personality Description: Camellia usually tries to look indiferent around new people, but always shows her trueself while talking. She's sharp tongued, cheerful and straight with her thoughs. She's a bad liar, so instead she stays silent. She'll refer as "sir" and "lady" to people she come to respect.
Camellia likes cute things such as puppies and babies. She also likes things clean and tidy, even at court, she will use her beloved handkerchief to clean her counter.
As a prosecutor she is kind of a perfectionist, she tries to not leave any question raised unanswered because she believes the key for solving cases is in the little details.
She often shouts "absurd" instead of "objection".

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Camellia met Athena in Europe while both were studying law. At first Camellia wasn't very friendly but they ended up growing a bond after some events. When Athena came to United States, Camellia kept sending letters full of cute stickers until the day she also came to the States in an international exchange.

Brief Background: Camellia was born in England. Since young she liked to read murder mystery novels and she loved everytime the protagonist pointed out the real killer. She had a dream of becoming a detective just like the books, investigating crime scenes and arresting criminals for good. At the time she came with the idea, she told her best friend Lamont about it. Lamont was 5 years older than her and his goal was to study law to become a defense attorney so he would protect people just like his mom. He replied to her that real life detectives worked with the police and if she turned out to be a detective, probably they would be working against each other. At least that was what he believed. His mom was a lawyer and usually didn't have much help from the police. But Camellia insisted she would be a different detective, one that would work for justice sake. Lamont then encouraged her to work on it.
Some years later, when Lamont finally became a lawyer, he invited Camellia to see his first trial. Camellia watched it and paid attention to every statement and noticed that there was lack of dynamism between her friend and the prosecutor. The veredict was Guilty. Lamont almost couldn't face his client or Camellia. The client said he wasn't very faithful anyway, so he wasn't that surprised. But that didn't make any better to the situation. Lamont felt like it was all his fault, but Camellia kept saying that he can't do everything alone. It was also the prosecution fault. "So don't give up already!" Lamont took her words to heart and promised to keep fighting. In the next 3 cases Camellia stayed at his side, like an assistant. 2 were found Not Guilty and only one Guilty, though that time the client really was the killer. After those Lamont and Camellia planned the next step in their lives. Lamont decided to go around the world to study other law systems. Camellia changed her mind since Lamont's first trial and choosed to study to be a prosecutor so she would help Lamont in the future in the other side. They stayed in contact via letters and phone calls.
While studying, she befriended Athena and after finish her studies, she exchanged (some time after the end of SoJ) so she could see Athena again in the States. She wanted to make a surprise, so she prosecuted one of the Athena's case as soon as she could. Shortly after the trial, she received a letter with a handkerchief from Lamont, who was in Khura'in. But that would be his last letter. Without reply, Camellia got worried and travelled to Khura'in to find out Lamont was a victim of murder.

Her name and hair color is a reference to the Yellow Camellia, which means in japanese "longing", referring to Lamont, who Camellia misses very much. Her surname comes from Old English "glæs" which means "glass", since Camellia is really easy to read (transparent).
Her color pallete resembles the United Kingdom flag.