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OC Contest 2016 - Fanart - Gaudee Loks

Poster: ann-nna




Entrant's Name: Anna (Ann-nna)
Entrant's Website:
Character's Name: Gaudee Loks (also nicknamed Gogo)/Taiyono Kami
Age: 29 (by SoJ)
Occupation: charity owner
Brief Physical Description: 168 cm tall, fair skin, light green eyes, blonde puffy hair tied back in a ponytail by a ribbon, white blouse and pink skirt reminiscent of the dress she used to wear. Ears are adorned by green earrings in the shape of drops. Gaudee’s also still sporting the ribbon on her neck and bracelets she started wearing as a teen. One of them is, in reality, a watch.
Brief Personality Description: kind and caring, Gaudee’s philanthropic nature drives her to help up those who are down. Mostly in the form of cheering up, but she’s quite willing to part with a bit of her income, be it pocket money back in her younger days or her salary now. Can’t help but take others’ problems personally and warms up to people rather quickly. Optimistic Gaudee tries to make light of any situation. All in all, she appears to be wearing huge rose-colored glasses, but really isn’t. Being well aware the world’s far from perfect, Gaudee is only doing her share to make it a better place.
Appearing calm and collected most of the time, Gaudee is actually pretty rash, and even though she prefers to think before acting, it’s not always that she manages to go against her nature. Responsible and takes any task seriously. Too seriously, perhaps. Tends to follow instructions to a T.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable):
Phoenix Wright – because he defended her sister, he was a hero in Gaudee’s book long before she met him personally. They ran into each other quite often during her first case. A year later Gaudee joined him as the second assistant for a case.
Maya Fey – obviously, Gaudee ran into her along with Phoenix, plus they worked together on the kidnapping case.
Pearl Fey - met during her first case. Not knowing Pearl's background, Gaudee was left seriously wondering why the child is so mature.
Dick Gumshoe – Gaudee’s former superior and mentor. Although she couldn’t not frown upon his incompetency, Gaudee tried to see only the good in him. Besides, as a detective she took the golden opportunity to learn from his mistakes rather than make her own. Years later, she still looks up to him despite his numerous slip-ups.
Miles Edgeworth – Gaudee’s superior’s superior. Working under Gumshoe, meeting him was inevitable.
Lotta Hart – a witness in the case she was in charge of. Gaudee didn’t develop any particularly hard feelings towards her, but Lotta’s weird prejudice against the defendant did leave a bitter aftertaste.
Brief Background:
Knowing for sure only that she wanted a job related to helping people, the younger of 2 siblings, the 18 years old Gaudee had still been choosing her path in life when Fleur, her sister, was wrongfully accused of attempted murder. Strict, polite, and with a soft spot for children, she, perhaps, would make a great teacher, but after Fleur’s arrest set her mind on joining the law enforcements.
In 2017 Gaudee became a rookie detective under Gumshoe’s supervision. It wasn’t long, however, before she started regretting her career choice. Arresting people, who might and, most likely, will turn out to be innocent, just didn’t seem appealing. The girl started wondering if she didn’t do more harm than good. Her first case didn’t help to clear doubts, either.
The year is now 2018. Yet another victim of decisive witness Lotta ended up in the defendant’s chair, getting caught in the act of something the photographer labeled as espionage. Gaudee had already been reluctant to arrest her and then, in the course of the trial, she learned that the accused was the same person who paid Phoenix for Fleur’s defense…. When the trial was over, she worked as a detective for a little while longer, but thoughts about quitting were getting increasingly frequent and Gaudee ultimately left with just a single case behind her. Since then she worked as a janitor in a flower shop where her sister was a cashier. A year later she, although not a detective anymore, found herself involved in another case.
After quitting, Gaudee didn’t think she’d be investigating again, but life had its own plans for her. When her friend, who worked as a nanny in a rich family, kidnapped the boy for ransom, Gaudee took it upon herself to find them and joined the investigation as Phoenix’ second assistant. Unexpectedly, while investigating this crime, they solved another one: the aforementioned rich family had been running a fraudulent charitable organization which didn’t really help anybody but them. It was closed down and later reopened under Gaudee’s ownership. While its focus is primary children, anyone in a dire need of help can get it there.

-Gaudee Loks is a pun on Goldilocks;
-it also used to be a pun on the word “gaudy” before I changed her color scheme;
-when she was a teen, Gaudee started visiting children’s hospitals as “fairy queen Cordelia” to cheer the patients up;
-she still does it despite the workload. Quite often, too.