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OC Contest 2016 - Fanart - Alan Barrow

Poster: Echolein




Entrant's Name: Echo
Entrant's Website:
Character's Name: Alan Barrow
Age: 32 (as of Spirit of Justice)
Occupation: Police Commander (Previously detective, promoted in 2022)
Brief Physical Description: Green almond-shaped eyes, black hair that is longer in the back, tan skin. Alan is part Filipino and part Khura'inese.

Brief Personality Description: Alan's personality can best be described as "burnt marshmallow". He is easily irritated and tends to have a rather quick temper and little patience. He can be somewhat blunt at times. As such, Alan doesn't usually make the best first impression. However, he feels too much and cares too deeply. He will do nearly anything to help the people he's close to.
Though he tries to hide his feelings, Alan is a bit of an open book (which, of course, irritates him).
Additionally, Alan can be a bit of a workaholic. He takes his job very seriously, though often to the detriment of his own health.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Acquainted with the detective and prosecutor characters. He's also vaguely acquainted with Phoenix Wright, though he has mixed feelings towards him.

Brief Background: Alan grew up in Idaho with his mother, father, and two siblings. His father, William Barrow was a well-renowned defense attorney who idealized truth and justice above all else. Alan idolized his father and what he stood for - he wanted to be just like him. However, William soon learned that in order to be a successful lawyer, one had to abandon idealized notions of truth and justice. No one wanted a lawyer who might end up accusing their own client, of course. Unfortunately, Alan's father was not particularly lucky when it came to finding truly innocent clients.
Eventually, the cognitive dissonance became too much for him and he snapped. That day, Alan was at the courthouse with his father, excited to be his assistant for the trial. He never got to live his dream that day. Instead, he walked into the defendant lobby just in time to watch his father stab his client to death. Alan was traumatized - his entire worldview shattered. He vowed to himself that he'd never become like his father - that he'd be able to face the bitter truths of life and still remain a good person who would never kill anyone. He moved to Los Angeles for school and went into law enforcement, all the while trying to prove something to himself... and always afraid that he's already on the fast track to failure.