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OC Contest 2016 Sprite: The moth

Poster: Hesseldahl




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Swimming: (Gant would be proud)

Entrant's Name: Hessehl

Character's Name: Mo' Tha'na'thologe'e

Age: 55

Occupation: Thanatologist.

Brief Physical Description: With his striking pink eyes and multicolor beard, Mo' gives this eerie aura. He has a strong build and is quite tall. He wears his old monk clothes in honor to his partners who have died under the DC act. He also wears two dharma wheels to represent eternal life.
Brief Personality Description: Mo' is calm and collected, maybe to calm and collected

Connection to canon characters : Queen Ga'ran (Distant familiar),Nahyuta Sahdmadhi (acquaintance).

Brief Background: Mo' was a talented monk, who quickly became the head one thanks to his great spiritual power and blind faith. One day his mother was accused of murder, he was shocked, but he was even more shocked when his father, who was a lawyer, decided to defend her on court, of course he loss and both his mother and his father were sentenced to death. Angry, confused and filled with sadness he got out of the country and abandoned his life, where he met his wife, a beautiful girl who was studying thanatology, inspired he started also studying thanatology. When he finished his career he returned to the country to give comfort to people who were sentenced to death and made them feel calm.

Notes: He is based on a specie of moth called,pink elephant, because moths represent various things related to the character, for example blind faith or death.
Thanks to SuperAJ3 for animating the sprite sheet!