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OC Contest 2016- Fanart-Lily DeFleur

Poster: KewlKura




Entrant's Name:
Sakura (KewlKura)
Entrant's Website: or
Character's Name:
Lily DeFleur
25 (Death sometime during Spirits of Justice)
Defense Attorney, former singer, and later victim for a crime her sister didn't commit.
Brief Physical Description:
Standing at 5'9" ft tall, you have Lily DeFleur, a dark skinned lady with dark teal dreadlocks that comes to her mid back, who has a strong passion for the musical arts. You can see her wearing her usual attire, which includes her: favorite periwinkle blouse decorated with fleur-de-lis symbols and yellowish cream colored ribbon. A mid-thigh length black skirt with (not pictured) dark purple pantyhose and (also not pictured) a pair of lilac ballet flats.
Brief Personality Description:
Lily is a friendly, but naive person. Always looking to the positive side, she believes in her client no matter how bad things may seem. She'll warm up to you instantly over a stupid pun or a staring contest (that's how Klavier and Simon won her over.) She's a neat freak, will give people lectures about 'follow through'. Lily will sing out any contradictions/corrections in people's testimonies and conversations. Very aware (and paranoid) of her surroundings and the people she is with. She is very distant to her sister, Marigold.
Connection to canon characters:
Works for Marvin Grossberg, his only employee whose willing to work for him.
(At least she thinks) Simon Blackquill and Klavier Gavin, are only friends she has, the latter is ,also, her rival in the courtroom. Lily met Klavier when they were teenagers when Klavier was studying in Germany and Lily was there for starring as a guest singer for her parents' show.
Brief Background:
Born into a family of famous singers and musicians, Lily became fascinated with the musical arts and wanted to be a singer at the young age of 3. Growing up, her parents would take her and Marigold with them on their world tours. Lily perform with them, while Mari stayed out of the limelight. Their parents' favoritism and Marigold's lack of musical interest and talent is what caused the sisters to drift part and became cold to one another. Forcing out the negative (sister included) and focusing on the positive, Lily became her own independent singer on her own at age 15. People and the media loved her, knowing that she came from a good singing background.
However, tragedy struck the DeFleur sisters when someone murdered their father in cold blood and their mother was framed as the killer, while the real one, their uncle, got away. This turn of unfortunate events made Lily paused her dreams as becoming a singer, to become a defense attorney to, one day, defend her mother and show who the real killer is.
Fast forward to a 22 years old Lily DeFleur, as a new defense attorney working under Grossberg, Lily manages to get her mother's case open again and with new forensic technology and flawed testimonies. Lily wins the case and her uncle replaces her mother in prison. Both to her disappointment, she find out that Marigold decided to become a prosecutor, which Lily thinks to spite her. Besides this, Lily is surprised to meet Klavier as a prosecutor in court when they meet again.
Fast forward to 2 years, Lily is found dead at her apartment with her sister, standing over covered in her blood. Marigold is arrested for crime. Apollo Justice was Marigold's lawyer while Nahyuta Samhadi is the prosecutor of the case. The real killer of the case was Lily's ex-partner.