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OC Contest [Fanart] Sahvan'to Zhon

Poster: Florisam




Entrant’s Name: Florisam
Entrant’s Website: -
Character’s Name: Sahvan’to Zhon / Aiwan Ya’ztis
Age: 24
Occupation: Shop Worker
Brief Physical Description: He has dark Brown hair and Green eyes. His hair is pulled up in a bun, and he has a stubble beard. He usually wears a White and purple jacket (Slightly inspired by the Qipao) with a butterfly design on it, the sleeves are sheer, and light blue. Around his waist he uses a waistband and a wine red pearls belt. His pants have a similar color with his sleeves and are big, and go a down his knees. He has bandages on both legs and uses purple shoes.
Brief Personality Description: At first he can seem cold, reserved and mysterious, he doesn’t trust people easily. He hates to seem weak, and can be easily irritable. But when you become closer to him or show good intentions and he recognizes them, he seems caring. He tends to differ with the common thoughts of people about justice, and believes that innocent people should be able to receive the help needed.

(Attention, from now on in may contain some spoilers)

Connection to canon characters:
• Ga’ran Sigatar Khura’in (Mother)
• Ahlbi Ur’gaid (Friend)
• Phoenix Wright (Defended by)

Brief Background: Bastard son of the queen Ga’ran, he was born before his mother was even a queen. As a male, he was believed to not be able to have spiritual powers. Nobody in the Kingdom of Khura’in knew about Ga’ran’s pregnancy, except for the people in the royal family. Seeing the child as a threat to her position as a minister of justice and her plans of becoming queen someday (as he was born outside a marriage), she sent the child to a family of servants and lied to the rest of the royal family saying that, unfortunately, he was born dead, and didn’t let the doctors say anything, threatening them. It remained a secret from everyone. Time after that, the child grow up as a simple servant, with the name Sahvan’to Zhon, but he always noticed that he didn’t look anything like his “parents”, he ended discovering a lot of clues that led him to believe he was adopted and kept asking about that until his adoptive parents couldn’t handle hiding the truth anymore and told him. Shocked about his real story, he decided to escape, he didn’t want to be a servant of the woman who gave him life and threw him away right after that. After disappearing, nothing was known about him for some time. He changed his name to Aiwan Ya’ztis and began living alone. Later became interested in law, and ignored the common thoughts of the people about the lawyers, he thought they were needed, but it was impossible for him to become a defense attorney because of the DC Act, it was just too risky, so he just gave up and worked on a shop. After Phoenix Wright’s arrival to the country he saw a chance to become a lawyer, as he wanted in the past, and saw the possibility of change for the country. But that hope of becoming one didn’t last for long, as he was found accused for treason and murder of an important member of Khura’in nobility not much time after. He was defended by Wright and his true identity was shown, but at the end he was found not guilty.