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Ariel Dra'gonn

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Character's Name: Ariel Dra'gonn

Age: 26

Occupation: SPOILER ALERT! Defiant Dragons member and martial arts instructor

Brief Physical Description: Ariel is tall, even by Khura’in standards. Her skin retains its darker pigment even in the winter months. After a sparring incident as a child, Ariel had to have just over half her head shaved in hospital as doctors worked to relieve pressure on her brain. Despite originally resenting the new look, she grew to appreciate it and never grew it out. Several small scars dot the back side of her skull. It is not uncommon for her to be littered with bruises from working with students.

Brief Personality Description: Ariel is nothing that you would expect in someone well practiced in Khura’inese martial arts. Her temper is quick to flare and forgiveness slow to earn. If there is a difficult way to do something she will find it, choose it, and stick with it out of sheer stubbornness. It all comes from the right place, she just has too much energy and passion for even the slightest cause to agree to anything she does not herself believe in. If something can’t be solved verbally, she’s usually the first call. If you haven’t pissed her off, she’s the loud friend who means it all too much when she says she’ll knock out anyone who hurts you.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): SPOILER ALERT! Ariel is a proud member of the Defiant Dragons, despite having tragic reasons for joining their cause in the first place. Whilst fleeing his captors, Datz Are’bal met the scorned instructor. After a quick discussion, he deemed her worth of the Dragons, and recruited her on the spot. Because of his enthusiasm to have her join the rebellion, she feels a special connection to Datz, often referring to him as the “brother she never had”. Despite working in different areas, Datz often visits her in order to keep her motivated during her tougher moments. Ariel deeply respects her leader Dhurke, almost to the point of worship. She relates to his passion and resonates with his beliefs, and her affection for him outweighs even the Khura’inese public’s love of the Holy Mother.

Brief Background: SPOILER ALERT! In youth she would often get into fights for her less than feminine looks and was often suspended from school. She failed the majority of Fey spiritual training, only able to sense the most common and least intelligent presences like flames. People in her life convinced her to turn to martial arts as a form of self-expression, and adapt a more peaceful lifestyle. The numbers of fights she was in did not decrease; only the number of fights she lost. She eventually met her partner, a scrawny thing of a pacifist who was happen to garden his life away. He was a landscape artist by trade and loved telling stories of all sorts of odd things he found in people’s gardens including artefacts, used panties, miniaturised shrines. Once he found a bloody, but beautifully carved knife. He assumed it was used on animals and brought it home, too far out of reach to know of a murder that had occurred three days prior on the same street. The problem with a defenceless criminal justice system is that when you’re the only one telling the truth, no one believes you. And murder is still only punishable by death. Ariel opened her dojo as a refuge for people trying to get from the major city to the rebels hidden in the mountains and out skirting towns. In the peace of her now too quiet living room, she mutters ‘down with the Defence Culpability Act’ and wishes the queen all the misery she deserves. The gardens are a deceased mess. As difficult as it is not to, she knows that starting a one woman vendetta would only get herself killed. So she waits, and plots, and continues teaching others her more aggressive martial arts for what she only refers to as ‘the cause’.