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OC Contest 2016 {fanart} : Hunter Abone

Poster: dnshyber




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Entrant's Name: Isa (Dnshyber)
Entrant's Website:
Character's Name: Hunter Abone
Age: 19
Occupation: Veterinary Student/ Dog sitter

Brief Physical Description:
An average height, Hunter is 5’ 6” tall. Her choppy red hair is pinned up into a bun held by a mechanical pencil. Highlighted locks of hair hang out, resembling dog ears. She has blue eyes, though she often keeps her right eye shut. Overall, she’s fairly petite, and appearances deceive, as she has much more muscle than expected due to her love of holding dogs. The purple apron she wears after class is constantly muddy, due to dogs placing their paws on her. Her pastel red sweater vest and gray skirt are spared from the mud, though most days, her grey blouse isn’t spared. She wears a pair of slip on shoes with paw print patterns on the tongues and the soles of her shoes.
Brief Personality Description:
Hunter prefers to keep to herself and to her doggie friends. Though she tries to look disinterested to deter people who would engage in conversation with her, she ends up attracting more people than she would like. Due to her inexperience with spending time socializing outside of classes and work, Hunter often stumbles when trying to think of things to say to start or continue a conversation. Along with that, she’s also very easily startled and shocked about learning new and vital facts about any and everything. However, if she learns or hears something horrible, she’s quick to anger, shouting as if she were barking. Despite that, she’s also quick to calm down, only needing a minute or two to cool off. After she “barks”, she apologizes for the trouble, preferring to keep people’s opinions of her indifferent, instead of hateful.
While working with dogs, she often coddles them. Though she takes excellent care of them, she loves to pamper them, and often takes it overboard. Much like with the dogs, if she becomes particularly attached to someone, she’ll treat them much like how she would treat a puppy. With care and love.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable):
Though she doesn’t get around much, she’s familiar with Detective Gumshoe’s dog, Missile. She always takes a moment to greet him and Missile, and though she’s interested in the police dog, she hasn’t had an opportunity to approach and ask Gumshoe if she would be allowed to spend more time with Missile.
Aside from that, she’s heard rumors of an IVY Uni upperclassman from a while back… she thinks it was …Sicko? Though she’s never actually seen him around campus…
Brief Background:
Though she is currently attending IVY University to study to become a veterinarian, Hunter has a long history with animals. Her mother would often foster and take care of animals until new homes would adopt them. Becoming interested in animals when she was younger, Hunter decided that she would like to study to become an animal doctor so that she could help many, many animals in need of help!
Though she was adept at her courses, she also became a dogsitter after realizing that she could make some fast cash while petting dogs for days at a time. Posting fliers around the city, Hunter began to gain work experience by taking care of various animals around the city, until she was hired for work at a fairly wealthy man. She agreed, wanting to take care of his dog. When he left town, she headed over to begin work with Pompom…

Turnabout Claws
When Hunter arrived at her client’s house, she had found herself somewhat surprised when Pompom had greeted her immediately, since the two were practically strangers. Still, Hunter followed the dog until she stopped at a closed door. After opening it up, and turning on the lights, Hunter discovers the dead body of her client. However, at the same time, a maid walks in and finds Hunter. At that time, Hunter becomes the prime suspect due to the fact that she had been in the room, and had been the only hired staff who was supposed to be at the residence at that time.