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Important information about this in-development beta

OC Contest2016 Sprite-Leh'mien Tahte'nyu

Poster: Misokrattz





Entrant’s Name: ~~ Misokrattz
Entrant’s Website: ~~
Character’s Name: ~~ Leh’mien Tahte’nyu
Age: ~~ 19
Occupation: ~~ Street Entertainer

Brief Physical Description: Leh’mi has a fit thin physique with long black hair tied into a large braid at the back and three smaller braids. She has a tattoo of a mitamah on her stomach, surrounding her navel, and Khura’in monk marks on her forehead onto the sides of her bright golden brown eyes. Leh’mi dresses to dazzle and wears many golden accessories such as earrings and bracers. Her left arm is covered with a light purple mesh, covering most of her forearm. She wears baggy white pants that come just under her knees and thin flat shoes.

Brief Personality Description: Leh’mi is a fun-loving woman who just is in it to make the most joy out of her life. She spends her days living her life her way, doing what she personally feels she was put on this Earth for. She likes to crack jokes, lightly tease the people she’s close to and speaks very casually. She is care-free, extroverted and can be a bit moody at times. Overall, she loves to have fun and to poke fun.

Brief Background Description: Leh’mi makes a living performing and entertaining either through traditional dancing and seemingly magical tricks. She does what she does, in her own words, to make others feel as much happiness as she can provide. She thoroughly enjoys her way of life and would not change it for the world. Leh’mi follows the Khura’inist religion, but is definitely an oddity in the sense that she is much less devout than the average citizen. She is known to skip out on prayers and meditations to do as she pleases. She lives within the Tehm’pul Temple due to the graces of the Monks to take her in. Leh’mi never had a family and despite not liking being tied down by the strict rules of her religion, she is will always be grateful to the people of the Temple and considers them her family.

Connection to Canon Character: Leh’mi is close to Ahl’bi Ur’gaid and treats him like a little brother. They became acquainted with one another through their shared relation at the Tehm’pul Temple.