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OC Contest 2016 [Fanart] - Tommy Stone

Poster: mord33




Entrant's Name: Morty K
Entrant's Website: Tumblr

Character's Name: Thomas “Tommy” Stone
Age: 33
Occupation: Coroner, Medical Examiner
Brief Physical Description:
Tommy is a short (about 5’4”, or 162 cm) and chubby nonbinary person, giving off a non-threatening vibe to everyone they meet. Despite only being in their early thirties, almost half of their hair is grey, but they don’t seem to mind. Their hands tend to be covered with rough red skin, due to a condition they’ve had since childhood; they treat it with a medicated ointment when it gets bad. They’re very attached to comfortable, casual clothes, and tend to wear comfy shirts and sweatpants underneath their lab coat. They also wear heavy boots to make sure no liquid seeps into their socks, and a special necklace that looks like a stereotypical representation of an atom.
Brief Personality Description:
Tommy is funny, optimistic, and enthusiastic to a fault. Even under pressure, their easy nature and sarcastic humor shine right through. They love to mess with people and joke around, which can be unnerving sometimes when it comes to the descriptions of their duties, performing autopsies and examining brutal crime scenes. Despite their gregarious nature one-on-one and tendency for theatrics, Tommy doesn’t take to being in the spotlight, and is perfectly fine with working without recognition by the court.
Connection to canon characters:
A friend of the Prosecutor’s Office and an employee of the Police Department, which means a friend to Miles Edgeworth and Dick Gumshoe. In an unfortunate turn of events, Edgeworth has to prosecute against them as a suspect in a murder trial.
Brief Background:
Tommy Stone is, as previously mentioned, an old friend of Miles Edgeworth and Dick Gumshoe. The three began working together two years prior to the events of PW:AA on a fairly extensive murder case. Tommy, a 20-year-old college intern at the time, took a shine to the cold and steely 22-year-old Edgeworth. He was impressed by their efficiency and deductions, and decided to partner with them for a long and winding career.
Tommy remained relatively unknown until Edgeworth called them as a witness a few times after his return from Khura’in, then as a suspect in the murder of their coworker, Mort Tuileries.

Stitched Turnabout
A witness saw Tommy and Mort’s mentor, Patella Grimm, enter the room when an argument began. After hearing a scream and the sounds of a struggle behind closed doors, the witnessed entered to find Mort lying dead on the ground, stabbed in the heart with a scalpel, and Tommy passed out beside him, covered what was assumed to be his blood. Tommy doesn’t remember anything from the time of the crime, claiming to have passed out shortly after talking to Mort, but the witness and Grimm assure that they saw them carry out the act. Due to evidence of potential police corruption, Edgeworth prosecutes the case, and Tommy seeks the WAA to represent them because there’s something going on that’s more than meets the eye.
It turns out that Tommy was being framed the entire time. Mort was actually killed by Patella, because he had discovered plenty of unsavory information about her; she had been demoted because she had forged major evidence. He also found out that she was jealous that Tommy had taken her position as the boss, and had been poisoning them through the ointment they used for their hands. The day of the crime, Mort tried to tell Tommy the truth, but the poison finally inundated their system enough that they had a reaction. The “argument” the witness heard was actually Tommy’s violent coughing and Mort trying to figure out whether or not they were okay. Patella then entered, stabbed Mort in the heart with her scalpel, and was about to kill Tommy if it weren’t for the person listening in outside. She instead punched them in the temple, completely knocking them out. The blood on Tommy’s scrubs was actually their own; they had coughed it up due to the poisoning. Then, when Tommy was in holding just before the first trial day, Patella brought their ointment to them under the guise of friendliness, when in actuality she was just trying to finish them off when they were at their weakest. The truth comes closer to being solved when Tommy has a second, significantly stronger reaction to the poison during the end of the first trial day.

-Tommy Stone is a pun on “tombstone”, Mort Tuileries is a pun on “mortuary”, and Patella Grimm is both a nod to the patella bone and the Grim Reaper. They’re all roughly death related because they’re all coroners.
-Ever wonder how Edgeworth pulls autopsy reports out of thin air? Tommy’s kind of an answer to that question. He’s the only one who calls them Tom, and he sometimes allows them to call him Miles.
-One of Tommy’s favorite ways to annoy and endear their friends is to bury them in outdated musical numbers and references.

Thank you for giving Tommy a whirl! I had a lot of fun making them, and I hope you enjoy <3