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OC Contest 2016 Sprite: Ah'yung Upst'aat

Poster: SuperAj3




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Entrant's Name: SuperAj3
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Character's Name: Ah'yung Upst'aat
Age: 22
Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description:
Young male of healthy physique (thanks to all his spiritual training). White wavy hair coming to a point on the right, a braid going down his left ear. Dons navy-blue Khura'inese formal attire, complete with golden armband and magatama-beaded necklace. A red glove wrapping around his middle finger on his left hand (to allow birds to land on his hand).

Brief Personality Description:
Calm and easygoing. All around a friendly guy, but he does take his religious training seriously, and could easily forget how extreme it can get when inviting others to join him (more back injuries inbound).

Brief Background:
A young upstart and a devout Khura'inist, Upst'aat has admired the works of Prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi and has thus devoted himself to his spiritual training in order to become a prosecutor himself. A gentile and calm man, Upst'aat was once friends with Apollo as children, and thus upon finding out of Apollo's profession, decided that the best place to reunite as old friends was in the courthouse.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):
Nahyuta's apprentice and friend of Apollo's.

NOTE: Used Apollo's hands for the objection sprite, and Acro's birds for the bird animation.