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OC Contest 2016 [Fanart] Dandy Ham

Poster: tofuplusbeast




Entrant's Name: tofuplusbeast
Entrant's Website:

Character's Name: Dandy Ham (Bohsa Zoku)

Age: Creepily adorable (21)

Occupation: The Plumed Punisher's helpful sidekick from the magical Realm of Law, the bravest little lawyer-ham, iiiiiiit's Dandy Ham! (Just kidding, it's a dude in a big hamster mascot costume.)

Brief Physical Description: Fluffy and huggable, yet, so, so horribly large and horrifying. Those ears somewhat resemble a certain lawyer's hairspikes...

...until the head pops off. Bohsa Zoku is a lanky, rough-looking young man with intense eyebrows and a face that flushes rather easily.

He wears a red headband, not because he needs it or anything, but because he thinks it makes him look badass.

Brief Personality Description: Dandy Ham doesn't speak. He poses adorably and pretends to not understand what is being said during Cross-Examination, but if the right evidence is presented, he'll break character and attempt to pull his own head off or kick the stand in a fit of rage.

Bohsa Zoku, by contrast, is a loud, foulmouthed tough guy. He most certainly does not like cute things whatsoever, he totally hates Dandy Ham, and he definitely isn't scared of no lawyers, no sir. He's fiercely loyal to his gang and would fight to the end for his buddies, without question.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Apollo Justice is incredibly offended that his likeness was used as inspiration for this mascot character.

Brief Background:

Turnabout Punisher: Trouble in Neo Twilight Realm!

After the events of the final case in AA6, the Kingdom of Khura'in is still getting used to the idea of defense lawyers and due process.

In order to encourage a more positive attitude towards Khura'in's new legal system, the creative team behind the Plumed Punisher: Warrior of the Neo Twilight Realm decide to introduce a new character--Dandy Ham, the adorable Ace Attorney, who is totally not based off of a certain Khura'nese defense lawyer.

Bohsa Zoku, the leader of a biker gang, is roped into dressing up as Dandy Ham as community service when his gang gets busted for robbing tourists.

When a foreign tour guide is murdered during a Plumed Punisher stage show, Bohsa is immediately suspected due to his criminal background. However, Bohsa is completely innocent, and was framed by the real culprit.