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OC Contest 2016 (Fanart) : Ada Schode

Poster: kanatayuko




Entrant's Name: Kanata
Entrant's Website:
Character's Name: Ada Schode
Age: 25
Occupation: Homicide Detective

Brief Physical Description:

Ada stands at 167 cm (5'6"). She's not exactly a petite woman, and has considerable physical strength as a detective. Ada has yellow hair and cyan eyes. Her outfit consists of black dress shirt (which she leaves untucked), beige sweater vest, magenta ribbon, brown knee-length trousers, white (with cyan accents) blazer and black gloves, of which she rarely takes off. Her choice of shoes is a pair of brown boots with magenta lining. Ada is also often seen with a black bag and small laptop which she keeps close to her all the time. She also wears two x-shaped magenta hairpin to keep her hair out her face.

Brief Personality:

Ada is mostly serious and professional, so God knows if she's in her usual serious self or actually making a joke. She's also meticulous in her work, but rather careless when it comes to herself (forgetting where she puts something, etc.). Many people also compliments her on her thoroughness during investigations. She smiles often and has weird sense of humor. Likewise, she's very slow to understand jokes and often oblivious at times. Although she's earnest and compassionate, she still has strong sense of right and wrong regardless. Ada is also very devoted to her work and what she believes to be right - she doesn't give up easily to the point being really stubborn of everything. Those traits make her a fearless and straightforward woman - sometimes even borderline "can't read the atmosphere".

When someone notices a contradiction in her testimony/points out something she doesn't realize, her reaction is simply "Ah" - she doesn't talk much unless it is for work or technology, two things she's very passionate at.

Connection to canon characters:

Ada becomes a good friend to Ema Skye as the two share a love for science. While Ema is more focused with forensic science, Ada is more inclined toward technology and pure science such as physics and mathematics. During Ema's time away from the States, Ada is in charge of most Wright Anything Agency cases, getting to know Phoenix and Athena along the way. She also has professional working relationship with many prosecutors in the Prosecutor Office.

Brief Background:

Before joining the force, Ada was a computer science major. She has always admired Phoenix and Edgeworth's pursue of the truth, but never really considered to work in law enforcement until the last year of her university days (when Phoenix was disbarred) - the dark age of law was what made her determined to become a detective. In the world where defense attorneys forge evidence and prosecutors fill false charges, she wants to at least help prosecutors to get correct verdict by arresting the right people. She has very strong sense of justice and wishes she can change how the police works currently from the inside. When the dark age of law ended, she was very delighted, but now she's worried again after hearing about Khura'in legal system from Ema.

She graduated from university with a cum laude at age 17, then proceeded to study criminal justice and law until she is eligible to be a police officer. During her university years, she was dubbed as "Genius Programmer" (thanks to her ability to code in most programming language flawlessly and efficiently, including nearly-forgotten language such as COBOL) and has created many applications and games. She has won many competitions such as "Programmer from Hell" (a competition where programmers compete to make their clients' lives harder rather than easier), "10 Great But Useless Apps" (twice), and "Weirdest Game of the Year". Apollo has played one of her games and wondered about what kind of weird person who made it.

As a detective, she is known for her thorough investigation and methodological approach. Even though she's technically a homicide detective, she often teams up with cybercrime department as she's still one of the best programmers in the precinct. She takes her work very seriously, and when she arrests a wrong person, she'll feel very guilty and personally apologize to the defendant after the trial. Though she's happy with her current job and never once regretted it, she says that she's still "programmer at heart".

She names her devices. The laptop she always brings is named "Peco" and she considers it as her boyfriend. She also has a mouse named "Mayo", which is often mistaken for real mayonnaise whenever she talks about it to her coworkers (such as, "I've had this Mayo for nearly six years, and it's still in good condition!"). For some unknown reasons, Ada brings a lot of cables and gadgets in her bag. Thanks to that, anything that is put inside her bag is practically lost. She often fumbles with her bag when looking for something, making her coworkers call it "gate to another dimension". Thankfully she never actually loses any important things she put there, albeit needing some time to find them.

For her, the only essential thing for humanity survival is electricity and internet connection. When the defense attorney presents irrelevant evidence, she comments that it's not important for humanity survival, and that they shouldn't waste their time thinking about that. The defense attorney would sarcastically think, "does this person not eat...?"

Her other eccentricity is that she recites her detective ID in binary, confusing whoever asks her about that. When prompted, she says that conversing any sequence of numbers to binary is an old habit she can't seem to get rid of.


Her name is taken from Ada Lovelace, the first ever programmer, and the word "code". When read together, her name sounds like "Ada's code". Her design is also loosely based on CMYK color model, which consists of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, similar to printer ink colors.