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OC Contest 2016 Fanart: Alastor Gramarye

Poster: Logic Chessmaster




About to Testify:

Entrant's Name: Logic Chessmaster
Character's Name: Alastor Gramarye
Age: 23 (as of Spirit of Justice)
Occupation: (Rookie) Detective

Brief Physical Description:
Alastor is 5 foot 11 inches tall with dark, often tousled hair. His dark hair is inherited from his father, who had a similar hair color when he was young. He has light green eyes and slightly tan skin. Alastor often wears a yellow-brown trench coat on the job, along with a gray scarf with a pattern of spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. The scarf’s pattern is a subtle nod to his Gramarye heritage.

Brief Personality Description:
Alastor is a very intelligent young man, with excellent perception for small details and a gift for deductive reasoning. Unfortunately, his self-esteem is not up to par. He has a rather low level of self-confidence due to the fact that he is a mere rookie detective with a small amount of experience under his belt. Whenever he has an insight about a case that he is working on, he often keeps quiet about it and asks his colleagues to share their opinions first. He has a lot of respect for his colleagues due to their experience, and he looks up to them. Despite Alastor’s high IQ, his low confidence sometimes translates into clumsiness. He will sometimes trip over important pieces of evidence at crime scenes, which leads to higher-up detectives or forensic scientists yelling at him. Fortunately, the more experience Alastor gains, the more he is able to avoid this fluke.
Alastor is lovably awkward as well as rather dorky. He is slightly embarrassed by the fact that he actually did not obtain his driver’s license until after he became a detective (which was at the age of 21). He does not have much money as his paycheck is starting out on the lower end of the spectrum as a rookie detective. Because of this, he owns an old used car, but rarely uses it. He prefers to travel on his bike whenever possible, and is often seen biking to and from work.
He enjoys eating out because his cooking abilities are lacking. He often rides to Eldoon’s Noodles on his bike after a long day of work. After many trips to the shop, he has become a favorite customer of Guy Eldoon, who rewards him with discounts and extra salt on his noodles.
Alastor goes by “Al” with his close friends.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Biological son of Valant Gramarye, friend of Trucy Wright

Brief Background:
Born in 2005, Alastor grew up mainly raised by his aunt and uncle, because his father, Valant, was always preoccupied with his career as a member of Troupe Gramarye. Alastor has never met his biological mother, and he does not know her identity either. While growing up, Alastor came to resent his father, who always seemed to be focused on his career and never made much time for his son.
After certain events in “Apollo Justice,” when some of the Troupe’s shady past comes to light in court, Alastor lost all remaining respect for his father and wanted nothing to do with the tangled mess of Troupe Gramarye.

His dislike of Troupe Gramarye translates to an underlying dislike of magicians, whom he views as masters of deceit, hiding the truth through their magic tricks. His decision to become a detective originated from his desire to pursue the truth and expose criminals, and he is willing to devote his life to his trade.
Since Alastor believes that the pursuit of fame and fortune was his father’s primary motivation, Alastor doesn’t care much for wealth. He doesn’t mind his current meager paycheck, as long as he is able to provide all basic necessities for himself.
He became a detective at age 21, in the year 2026 (when “Apollo Justice” takes place).
Later on, Alastor hears about the events of The Magical Turnabout through the news. When he first hears of it, he sees this incident as a continuation of the Gramaryes’ legacy of corruption, which further affirms his disdain for the Troupe in his mind.
After the case is resolved, he finds himself assigned to one of Phoenix Wright’s cases. This gives him the opportunity to meet Trucy, who is assisting Phoenix on the case.

When they meet, Alastor asks Trucy if she holds any resentment for her biological father or for the Troupe in general. Interested in her outlook on the matter due to their similar family history, he asks her how she can, in good conscience, continue Gramarye magic shows with the knowledge of the Troupe’s rather shameful history. Trucy responds that the past is the past, and all that she can do is make her magic shows into something new that will bring people joy.

Sensing Trucy’s sincerity and hope, Alastor is inspired to make an effort to at least start up communication again with Valant. Although he is not yet ready to completely forgive him, Alastor determines to try to do so to the best of his ability.
(The scarf is a recent addition to his outfit, representing his newfound willingness to reconnect with his father and to give the Gramarye name a second chance.)
Alastor becomes a friend to Trucy and regularly goes to her magic shows to encourage her. His dislike of magicians slowly begins to slip away as he realizes that magic itself is not inherently disreputable; rather, it is the person in the costume who determines what to make of his or her trade. He recognizes that Trucy is taking the Gramarye name in a better direction, and is happy to have met her.