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OC Contest 2016 - Sprite - Rue Keensight

Poster: buttlerina




Entrant's Name: Buttlerina

Entrant's Website:

Character's Name: Rue Keensight

Age: 21

Occupation: Detective

Brief Physical Description:

Rue stands at 5’5” and has a lean figure. She has reddish-black wavy hair and brown skin. She often wears a navy blue trench coat with tan trimmings. Underneath she wears a white button-up shirt, a navy blue tie with golden buttons, and probably pants. She hides her eyes with a navy blue hat that has a tan band around it, pinned with a large golden button with a keyhole in it.

Brief Personality Description:

At first glance, Rue seems like an enigmatic sort of character. A lady of few words who talks in a calm, even voice. But in reality, her stoic personality is just shyness in disguise. She gets very flustered very easily, which becomes especially apparent around... colorful personalities (re: pretty much everyone in the Ace Attorney universe). Although it's obvious that she’s new to the job, Rue still has a pretty good detective instinct. In fact, she becomes more at home the closer she is to a murder scene. But. Y’know. She’s not a serial killer or anything. I hope.

Connection to canon characters:

Ever since Ema Skye became a forensics investigator, someone has had to fill in her old unwanted detective shoes. Luckily, Rue Keensight was ready to jump into her first detective job. Or not. It made her really nervous, to be honest. Even though Rue had very good detective skills, she found it hard to interact with the kind of people she met on a daily basis.

The first person she met was Ema, who was usually very excited about science and all things related, but she would snack uncontrollably whenever she was in a bad mood. And one day Rue was made to work with a man called Prosecutor Gavin, but “prosecutor” wasn’t the first word she would use to describe him. Prosecutor Edgeworth was probably the most normal of the bunch, but at the same time his social tact was maybe only slightly better than hers. And he liked some sort of children’s show? Rue didn’t think he looked like the type.

Still… even though they were strange, the people Rue worked with were pretty nice. She figured it wouldn’t be too difficult for her to grow to love the job. It might even be fun.

Brief Background:

Most of her life Rue had been homeschooled, which didn’t help her natural shyness. However, she does have one good friend who saw Rue’s talent and encouraged her to follow them around and solve mysteries. In fact, that same friend is the one who pushed her to apply for the detective position that had opened up at the police department.

Otherwise, Rue doesn’t really have any other friends. She’s very close with her mom and dad, but they’re pretty complacent and don’t really try to get her out of her comfort zone.