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OC Contest 2016 (Fanart) Kamala Mishrah

Poster: loreleilawoffice




Hello! It's been a very long time since I've used a BB code forum so please forgive any small formatting mistakes! I hope you enjoy.

Entrant’s Name: Sunny V

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Character’s Name: Kamala Mishrah

Age: 23

Occupation: monk in training, part time legal assistant/secretary

Brief Physical Description: Kamala is a rather androgynous person of slim stature and average height, with tan skin, light green eyes, and white hair worn in a rope-style braid, with two loose pieces of hair in the front adorned with citrine beads. She has the common Khurai'nese tattoo of a reddish coloured diamond on her forehead, as well as a lotus blossom design on the backs of both of her hands, representing her journey through life so far as well as her goal to work to bring goodness to her community with her own two hands. She is generally seen wearing a peach coloured monk’s robe and light blue scarf, as well as a Khurai'nese style magatama pendant strung onto a necklace along with six round ivory coloured beads.

Brief Personality Description: Kamala is very dedicated to her studies; spiritual and legal alike. Her presence is commanding of attention, without being forceful. She tends to prefer listening over speaking, but can be excitable when it comes to the prospect of learning new information about the subjects she takes interest in. She strives to be polite and wise, but the impression she works towards giving is many a time broken up by her sense of humour, as it’s rather easy to make her laugh. Despite her dedication to her interests, it’s common for her to oversleep and be late for her training or studies due to being easily tired out after a childhood of being nearly constantly ill. As per the teachings of the Holy Mother, she has learned to accept all life has to offer her with incredible grace; good and bad events alike. She is sometimes slow to act as she is very concerned with making the best possible choice, often leading her to privately overthink things, which has a tendency to stir belief in those around her that she may not grasp the severity of certain situations because of the perceived inaction on her part, though inaction is never her intent.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): friend of Ahlbi, part time assistant/secretary to Nahyuta to assist with further increased workload (ending/post game)

Brief Background: Much like the lotus flower of her namesake, she has blossomed from muddy beginnings. Originating from a countryside village in the Khura'in Kingdom, she is next in line to succeed her mother as overseer and leader of her village after both her siblings left to live the city life. Throughout her early teen years she was almost constantly incredibly ill, to the point of one near death experience in particular, which is the reason for her bleached out hair, as well as her ability to communicate with the spirit world. While unable to channel, she is able to perceive messages from spirits after her time on the brink of death opened a line of communication between herself and those who have passed onto the realm of spirits. In better health as an adult, she decided that in order to best perform her job as a future leader in her community, she should travel to the capital in order to study and hone her spiritual abilities at Tehm'pul Temple, where she later met and befriended Ahlbi.

Because of her spiritual studies, she prefers to be seen as a genderless figure, as she believes changes in perception caused by outward identities may corrupt the messages that spirits choose to share. During her time in the capital, she has been making an effort to experience as many things as she can that are unique to the area (which Ahlbi was more than happy to assist with) , including witnessing trials as part of the gallery, which eventually lead her to a sparked interest in law, and the use of spiritual abilities in the field. While not going so far as to consider herself a revolutionary, she does come to be of the opinion that while utilizing the ability to communicate with spirits is very helpful, the single interpretation of the divination seances may be putting innocent lives at risk in the justice system. She toys with the idea of working in law to help make changes from the inside, but does not seriously pursue legal studies until stronger revolutionary sentiments begin to flare. After the revolution’s success, she begins part time work as a legal assistant/secretary, occasionally being assigned to work with Prosecutor Sahdmadhi in light of his heavy case load. She also steps up as the drum player for the Dance of Devotion.