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OC Contest 2016 Sprite - Amy Tuer

Poster: Clydell




In a moment of pure madness, I'm submitting a sprite entry (as a first time spriter!) instead of a fanfiction entry. I hope you enjoy! <- Sprite sheet

Entrant's Name: Clydell

Entrant's Website (optional): / (both websites belong to the same entrant – this is not a joint submission)

Character's Name: Amy Tuer (Amateur)

Stage name: Aspyn Majia (Aspiring Magic)

Age: 15

Occupation: Student

Brief Physical Description:

Amy has long red hair and freckles. She is short in stature and doesn’t tend to make an impact when she enters the room due to her quiet demeanour. Aware that this could make her an ineffective performer, she is looking for ways to improve her presence.

As her stage personality, Aspyn Majia, she wears a pink magician’s cape and a black and white dress, the bottom of which is inspired by Trucy’s outfit. She wears her hair to one side and, to keep her identity a secret, has a black mask covering her face.

Brief Personality Description:

Though cheerful, she is also shy and often keeps to herself, but adores magic and will perk up if she finds another person who does too. Determined to learn the tricks of the trade, she has attempted a few with varying success. Chewing bubblegum is a nervous habit of Amy’s, so she wishes to include it as part of her magic routine so she won’t be stressed on stage. However, she hasn’t quite gotten the hang of any gum-related tricks yet (see sprite 4).

Though she hasn't performed in public yet, a cheekier and more daring side of Amy comes out when she is 'Aspyn'. Amy is working up the courage to have this side seen by others.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):

She is two years younger than Trucy Wright at school and looks up to her as a role model, both in personality and profession. She loves it when Trucy shows off her magic at school, but is too shy to approach her about it. A few odd rumours always seem to surround Trucy, and Amy is worried what people will think of her if she becomes friends with the magician. But mostly, she doesn’t feel worthy enough yet, and wants to improve her own magic first.

Like many other budding magicians, she often goes incognito to Trucy’s performances as her future stage personality, Aspyn Majia. One night at the Wonder Bar, a fight broke out. Amy stuck close to her brother, until she saw a man sneaking backstage. She ran after him and caught him trying to steal a notebook with the Gramarye symbol on it. He pulled out a gun and pointed it towards her, but she quickly recognised it as one of the props Trucy uses and didn’t listen to his threats. Amy still believes that her actions that night were both completely brave and completely stupid, and she doesn't regret a thing.

After the man was arrested, Trucy thanked Amy and complimented her Aspyn Majia costume. She said to let her know if she was ever going to put on a magic show of her own, as she would come see it. Trucy didn’t seem to recognise who ‘Aspyn’ really was, but Amy didn’t mind as it gave her more motivation to keep on practicing.

Brief Background:
Amy lives with her older brother, whom she is very close with. He is the only one who knows how much Amy longs to be a performer. To guide her on her way, he encourages her by taking her to the Wonder Bar to see Trucy’s shows, and he even helped her put together her magician’s outfit.
However, he often teases her as he has noticed that some of Amy’s body language mirrors Trucy’s (see sprites 2 and 6).

Sprites used: Fringe from Vera Misham and some facial features from Penny Nichols. And, if we’re picky, I used the sprite of the blue badger for Amy's shirt.