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OCContest2016 - Yume Tamaki

Poster: CresRose




Entrant's Name: Ren (Alias)
Entrant's Website (optional):
Character's Name: Yume Takaaki
Age: 17
Occupation: Spirit Medium in training,but also studying law
Brief Physical Description: Short,small, and weak in strength.
Brief Personality Description: Studious,stoic most of the time,but easily
excited. Has an enthusiasm for cases with 'unsolvable' mysteries,courtroom action,and law in general.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): No connection. Maybe to Maya,being a fellow spirit medium,who knows.
Brief Background: Just a simple spirit medium,more indulgent in law rather than her spirit training and is trying to become a lawyer. She was influenced by Phoenix Wright's performances in the courtroom. And thus,as I said before,is aspiring to become a lawyer.