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OCC 2018 [Fanart] Gus Septic

Poster: Dynakirby63




Entrant's Name: Bolting Shaman

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Character's Name: Gus Septic

Age: 26 (As of 2009)

Occupation: Railway Banker

Brief Physical Description: A brunette man with red eyes, standing 183 cm tall (6'0) and boasts a slender build.
He wears a silver-colored tycoon uniform and wields a hammerhead cane. There are shell emblems on his hat
and necktie, symbolizing the front hull of a train.

Brief Personality Description: Gus is very proud and egocentric, he boasts his pride as the owner of a
historical railway track run by steam trains. However, he is mostly a trash talker, as he often fails to
keep his job together due to financial turmoils and it often drives him in excessive panic. Despite his
lack of humility, he is quite loyal in regards of his standing as an inheritor of his family's property
and is willing to do what it takes to keep his profession away from being shut down due to irrelevance.

Connection to canon characters: A former client and childhood acquaintance of Diego Armando

Brief Background: Gus Septic inherited the ancient Septic railway passed down by family generations.
Unfortunately, he's not as good at his job as he thinks, as he gets into financial issues and debt conflicts due to
how inoften steam trains are being used during the time period he takes over. In order to save his business,
he made a deal with a syndicate figure to get him out of debt. Just when he thought he's finally safe though,
the man gets mysteriously killed by gas intoxication inside of his own steam train, which results to him being accussed of murder.
He seeks help from the most well-known attorney around the area, Diego Armando. He and Diego once knew each
other during childhood, but never talked to each other due to their differing interests. On one hand,
Diego would rather not take Gus' profession seriously. On the other hand, he has to give it his attention
as his lawyer.

Trivia: Gus Septic is a reference to the literature character "Lord Septic" from Gulp and Gasp, who is also
an owner of a railway platform. Adding up the first name, it can be referred to as a pun for "gust of septic" or
"gas of septic", as he carries intoxicating gas in his train, or it could referred to his stingy personality.