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OCC2018 - Fanart - Shelly Portrette

Poster: toonyballoony



Entrant's Name: toonyballoony
Entrant's Website (optional):
Character's Name: Shelly Portrette (Self-Portrait/Selfie)
Age: 21
Occupation: Vlogger and Social Media Queen

Brief Physical Description: Shelly is a curvy woman of average stature. She has olive skin and ombre hair that cascades over her shoulders with a bun on top. Hidden in the bun is a 360 degree camera so she can stream the trial on her YouView channel. She has blue-green eyes and wears light makeup, with long bright pink fingernails. She's wearing a knee-length hot pink dress with a lace collar, topped by a pastel pink and blue varsity jacket. A small mic is clipped to her collar and and camera brooch, disguised by yellow sailorfuku-esque ribbons, is pinned to the chest of her dress. She has grey lace up boots and always has her phone on hand, decked out with retro phone charms, like her blue badger head.

Brief Personality Description: Overly peppy in court, though she gets exhausted the longer she has to maintain her internet persona. She means well, but her good intentions tend to take a backseat to her shameless self-promotion. Her seemingly clueless facade disguises the knowledgeable businesswoman prowess needed to work as her own marketing director and publicist. She’s really just a tired and depressed young adult using her fame to promote positivity and mask her own self-doubt.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): n/a

Brief Background: Shelly Portrette is a popular vlogger on YouView, where she posts makeup tutorials and videos about her daily life for her millions of followers. She becomes a witness in a murder case when the victim’s body is discovered near one of her scenic video shoots. Her video and social media posts are taken in as evidence, the background catching glimpses of the victim before his death. She’s taken advantage of the trial’s spotlight to promote her channel, even streaming footage online and posting live commentary during her testimony. She’s so wrapped up in her own coverage of the trial that she doesn’t realize the contradictions she makes in her testimony about the timing of the murder.

During the court recess, after the defense is able to prove the original time of death was incorrect, Shelly apologizes to Phoenix/Apollo/Athena and hands them an extra piece of evidence as an olive branch: a blurry photo she hadn’t handed over to the police because she assumed it didn’t capture anything. The defense discovers that the victim's time of death occurred hours before the body was discovered, and they're able to use Shelly's picture to prove the real culprit was present at the scene of the crime."