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OCC2018 - Sprites - Arya Alriht

Poster: Zari




Entrant's Name: Zari

Character's Name: Arya Alriht

Age: 26

Occupation: Translator

Brief Physical Description: A lady with short wavy hair, a long black dress, an orange scarf, and golden jewelry.

Brief Personality Description: Arya is calm, and is the type to think carefully before she speaks. Her speech is slow but very clear. Even though she can seem stoic, she is very friendly, cooperative, and often nurtures and cares for the people around her.

Brief Background: As a young child, she had lived in many countries and as a result, Arya can speak 5 languages; English, French, Japanese, Hindi, and Arabic. Before she used to be an elementary school teacher and made a name for herself by translating several educational books. Because of her calm demeanor, she has been chosen to accompany the prime minister on his overseas trips to translate for him, however on one of the trips the prime minister got shot and was killed, and Arya was a witness of the moment.