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OCC2018 - Fanart - Noah Levi

Poster: Zetakani




Entrant's Name: Zetakani
Entrant's Website:

Character's Name: Noah Levi
Age: 27
Occupation: Denim Tailor at Strausshose Tailoring

Brief Physical Description:
Generally sinister looking: Pale skin, has a handlebar mustache, a pointed goatee, sunken eyes, red irises, has wavy hair. For clothing he wears a denim vest, denim pants, leather shoes, a tape measure that he turns into a bowtie. He stands at 5'11". He isn't exactly a fit individual, however he isn't lanky either as he is able to carry stacks of denim clothing with one arm.

Brief Personality Description:
He is a very well-mannered individual, often speaking elegantly but loses everything when he starts speaking about denim almost having the makings of a deranged fanboy. He may come off as an intimidating person and his movements and actions may seem sketchy from time to time which makes him a very questionable individual. However, he has a great passion for what he does, tailoring, and an even greater passion when it comes to making denim clothing. He even wishes to one day make "denim socks" and "denim underpants" a trend someday. Noah is a very hard-working individual, his sunken eyes are caused by staying up many long nights trying to come up with new designs for denim clothing, this habit however may make him quite cranky in the morning.

Connection to canon characters:
Adrian Andrews
He's her most trusted tailor despite his looks as his tailoring skills are without equal. They happened to be friends as they met sometime after the Mask DeMasque case when Adrian asks Noah to design something for her.

Brief Background:
As a young tailor, Noah was exposed to all kinds of clothing styles as he had many teachers. So very early on in his career he got fed up with all the clashing designs and styles of clothing but never seemed to get tired of one style, and that was denim. However, he was upset with the state denim was in, being limited to jeans, certain polo designs, and vests. So, he made it his goal to revolutionize denim across all kinds of clothing from socks to underpants. Since then he further honed his skills as a tailor and made a name for himself as the Emperor of Denim, to the point that he was invited by the previous management of the most prestigious department store of the whole of Los Angeles, the Lordly Tailor.

Case Involved:
The Unraveled Turnabout.
After eight years since the Mask DeMasque case, Adrian Andrews invites Phoenix and company to the commemoration of the new management of the Lordly Tailor under Ian "Nooly" Hayered. With the new management of the Lordly Tailor several changes had to be done under its new manager; new employees, new rules, and the like. One evening after operating hours Hayered is found dead, and a security guard named Jacques Oneau is arrested for his murder as evidence point towards him as his fingerprints were found on Hayered's body as well as the murder weapon, which were a pair of cloth shears. Oneau also had a motive as he was already a promoted secuirty guard in the last management but got demoted and received an inhuman salary cut under Hayered's management. Phoenix is requested to be Oneuau's lawyer. Somewhere down the road, new evidence is found that points to a possibly different culprit, someone who also stayed after operating hours in the Lordly Tailor, the head tailor of Strausshose Tailoring, Noah Levi. Noah had no alibi as the secuirty cameras for his tailor shop was broken that evening and further investigation discovered that he and Hayered had several disagreements concerning the state of Lordly Tailor and Strausshose Tailoring. The cloth shears used for the murder also came from his Tailor Shop, a pair that he personally uses. More evidence is found at the scene of the crime and in Levi's Tailor Shop that points to Levi's guilt. However, Levi is not the culprit. Everything eventually ties in to discovering that Hayered's assistant, Shawn Wolff, was the real murderer and tried to frame it all on Levi, Oneau made everything better for him as his presence at the crime scene made him a circumstantial suspect.


  • Thinking - while in thought, he raises one of his eyebrows and strokes his pointy goatee as he examines different types of fabric.
  • Smug - he mockingly looks at you as he twirls/strokes his menacing handlebar mustache.
  • Startled - Works in tandem with nervous; He suddenly gets choked by his tape measure bowtie. At the same time, his downcast lock of hair flies upward turning into 1/2 of a handlebar mustache, which then reveals his left ear which is bandaged as Shawn Wolff witnessed a figure after hours with a bleeding ear.
  • Nervous - Everything about his character droops, his bowtie, his mustache, his lock of hair, and his eyes as he nervously tries to fix his bow. He starts sweating at this point.
  • Agitated - He gives a very sinister glare and brings out his personal cloth shears, in which he unwittingly makes himself more of a suspect. He also clenches his left fist.

- Obviously a pun on "No Alibi"
- Strausshose is roughly German for "A bunch of pants"; Strauss translates to "Bundle, Boquet, or Bunch" and hose is the German word for "pants, trousers"
- Ian "Nooly" Hayered is a pun on "I am newly hired" as Hayered was the newly appointed manager of the Lordly Tailor
- Jacques Oneau is a pun on "Jokes on you" as Oneau is not the real culprit
- Shawn Wolff alludes to the saying "A wolf in sheep's clothing" as the name Shawn sounds like the name of a sheep from a popular TV series.
- His butler-y look is for comedic effect.