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OCC2018 - Fanart - Lucy Garland

Poster: KlavierGavinWiki




Entrant's Name: Maria
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Character's Name: Lucille “Lucy” Garland
Age: 26

Occupation: Prosecutor, Lounge Singer (on weekends)

Brief Physical Description: Lucy has shoulder length black hair with a dyed red stripe running through it. She stands at 5’3” with olive skin, light green eyes, and slightly buck teeth. Her usual manner of dress is business casual—slacks and a button up with suspenders—except on weekends when she performs as a lounge singer. Although her makeup looks are usually nothing fancy, she still applies all of them using stage makeup. Even her most casual looks utilize a thick pancake foundation—all the world’s a stage, after all.

Brief Personality Description: Lucy is first and foremost a performer, and her courtroom presence is no exception. Although she loves being a prosecutor her biggest dream in life is to break into showbusiness, and she’ll take the opportunity to exhibit her talents through any means necessary. She’s been known to quote plays and musicals as a means of getting her point across in court. Although a lot of Lucy’s motivations come from her desire to make it big, that desire also comes from wanting to entertain others and make them happy. She is first and foremost concerned with helping her friends and clients, and is more than willing to set aside her dramatic front and be genuine when the situation calls for it.

Connection to canon characters: Lucy is well acquainted with everyone in the prosecutors’ office. She’s on friendly terms with most of her coworkers, though the majority of them find her theatrics to be a bit much—the one exception being Klavier who accepts and even encourages them. Edgeworth is no stranger to odd behaviors and is generally indifferent to her eccentricities as long as she does her work, though he does wish she would cut down on the soliloquy during trials.

Brief Background: Lucy comes from a very loving—and very broke—family. Her parents were both starving artists, still living in a rundown studio apartment when she was born. Her mother’s parents (both lawyers) didn’t think such an environment suited their grandchild, and insisted the family move in with them. The Garlands’ financial situation improves, but never quite enough to make ends meet, and they end up living there with Lucy (and her eventual younger brother) well into her adulthood.

Growing up, Lucy was always enthralled by her parents’ lifestyle, growing to enjoy performing and the arts and setting her sights on becoming an actress. However she found that though she loved living with her grandparents, the burden of her parents’ constant monetary struggle weighed on her, and encouraged her to pursue a more lucrative career path. She chose law to follow in her grandparents’ footsteps, with the added knowledge that she’d be able to utilize her acting prowess during trials. She also performs as a lounge singer and participates in community theater with hopes of being “discovered.”

Additional Info:
-Her name is a combination of Lucille Ball and Judy Garland.
-Although her courtroom dramatics are largely frivolous, she can utilize her acting skills to pick out liars by employing her knowledge of method acting and emotional range exercises to spot tells.
-Loves being around Klavier because he says Fraulein a lot and it reminds her of Cabaret.
-Thinks Lamiroir is The Bees Knees.
-Her dream roles are Roxie Hart and Marian Paroo