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Important information about this in-development beta

Occ2018 fanart - Erwan Mayer

Poster: Lucyusse



Entrant's name : Lucyusse

Character's names : Erwan Mayer

Age : 26

Occupation : Chemist

Brief physical description :
Average height, blond hair, green eyes, always seen wearing a lab coat, gloves and safety goggles. He is always prepared to analyse substances and will ignore you when he does so.

Brief personality description :
He's a very cheerful guy and is always the first to laught and make jokes, even though he is hiding a tough past. Sometimes makes chemistry jokes, but they don't really get any reaction. However he finds himself funny and that's all that matter to him.

Connection to canon characters :
He went to the same school as Ema Skye and was in the same class, he got to talk to her sometimes but lost contact when she went overseas, he was surprised to see her around again when he became a suspect.

Brief background :
He got really interested into chemistry after seeing a movie (or some kind) on TV and wanted to become a chemist. He was really serious about it and decided to study hard, after studying science in hight school (where he met Ema Skye) he went to college and eventually became a chemist (researcher). Though an accident happened a few years ago which damaged his hands badly and chocked him enough to make him lost his memories of that time. He is always wearing gloves because of that, seeing his hands makes him selfconcious about the fact that he doesn't remember what happened. Also in that accident he lost one of his classmates and the case is still ongoing since there wasn't enough information and apparently his memories would be the last piece of the puzzle.
Now he's the weatness of a murder case involving the only other person that was there during the accident, and became the first suspect.
Because he was "not around" when it happened (as in not in the lab), he has no alibi and the victim was the last person, with him, to be able to resolve the case that happened a few years ago.

Trivia :
*Erwan Mayer is made to sound like "erlenmeyer" since he is a chemist.
*He is never seen without his lab coat , but when he wears "normal" clothes, he always wears long sleeves and fancy gloves to hide the scars on his hands.
*He always felt guilty for not remembering what happened years ago, at one point he even thought he was at fault.

(I'm sorry if my English is not good >_<)