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OCC2018 - Fanart - Lily Efimurel

Poster: Himeko



Entrant's Name: Himeko
Entrant's Website:

My name is Lily Efimurel. Sadly I'm not in the mood to chat right now...
...I believe that I just told you that I did not wish to speak with you.

Character's Name: Lily Efimurel

Age: 21 (Deceased) (Pre-PLvsAA)

Occupation: Messenger at the Inquisitors' Hall

Brief Physical Description:
Lily has pale orange hair and amber eyes. She is a fairly tall woman with a slim figure. She prefers to wear clothes that are easy to travel around in and allow her to comfortably complete her tasks, while still being a bit fashionable.

Brief Personality Description:
Lily is a proud, confident girl who is especially prideful of her position as a witch. She is constantly frustrated that she must hide her identity as a witch, but she fears the witch trials and does not wish to be burned.
She tends to view others as annoyances, as she sees them as lesser people not blessed with the powers granted to a witch. She does respect a few people however, including High Inquisitor Darklaw and Inquisitor Barnham. She is a stubborn person, and willing to take risks when she feels that she has a good opportunity.
Her outwards personality is that of a respectful young woman, though her act is not very convincing given how much her mouth twitches when she smiles and how quickly her words become harsh.

Connection to canon characters:
She has a professional relationship with Darklaw and Barnham as she works under them, however they are not very close. In fact, Lily fears them quite a bit.

Brief Background:
Lily is one of the many witches that inhabit Labyrinthia. Unlike many of her kind, she grew up feeling as if being a witch was something to be very proud of - that it made her better than others.
She got a job as a messenger at the Inquisitors' Hall to keep an eye on the Inquisitors (who had a hand in the burning of other witches), and so that she could have an excuse to enter the homes of the people of Labyrinthia. She steals items from those she delivers messages to with the help of magic, believing that it was only natural that she should be wealthier than others given her status as a witch.

A Canceled Witch Trial (PLvsAA spoilers)
Her life was unfortunately changed for the worse after she came in contact with a Shade, and in turn met a person who should not have been possible to meet. After discovering the Shade, she decided that she had to announce the information she had learned from their meeting to all of Labyrinthia for the sake of the witches.
On her way back she was suddenly taken into custody after a woman had reported to the guards that she was a thief and a witch. The woman was a former message recipient, and one of the victims of her thievery. Despite her capture, Lily was still determined to make her announcement, and decided that she would make it during her witch trial, where everyone could hear.
In the dungeon on the morning of her trial, a person entered her cell - the Shade she had met a few days prior. Before she could ask any questions, the Shade lunged towards her, swiftly taking her life and prematurely ending her trial. She died without having shared the secret she so eagerly wished to share, and without achieving the glory she felt she deserved.
The Shade that took her life was ultimately prosecuted by High Inquisitor Darklaw herself and charged with murder, however, the Shade's true identity was hidden from the public by Darklaw. It was never revealed to the people of Labyrinthia who the mysterious killer was, and it wasn't until Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright appeared in Labyrinthia that the truth of the Shades was finally revealed, among many other shocking truths.

- The name Lily was chosen to reflect the meanings of the many types of lilies, but especially the orange/tiger lily (symbolizing confidence, pride, and wealth)
- The last name Efimurel is a play on the word "ephemeral", meaning "lasting a short time", referencing her young death
- She keeps soft padding in her pouch to help hide the sound of any items she may have stolen that day
- The weapon used in her murder was her own Talea Magica (witch's staff); it was used to stab her in the stomach
- The two spells that she can cast with her Talea Magica are Godoor and Fainfol