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OCC2018 - Sprites - Trowa Lollola

Poster: Lind




Entrant's Name: Lind

Entrant's Website:

Character's Name: Trowa Lollola

Age: 37

Occupation: Standup Comedian

Brief Physical Description: Tall and rakish, with spindly limbs with which he is prone to gesturing dramatically and flamboyantly. He has a pale complexion, a small, pointed nose, thin eyes, and shaved eyebrows, giving him an almost reptilian appearance. His hair is dyed blood red, and his nails are painted in rainbow colours. He's fond of wearing black turtlenecks.

Brief Personality Description: A standup comedian who is a house act at the Wonder Bar. Famous for his biting, acid-tongued style of comedy, and merciless efficiency at handling hecklers. In his personal life he is much the same as he is onstage, being skilled at tricking people and making jokes at their expense. More than a little morally flexible, he has known ties to criminal organizations. However, his ill intentions are mostly harmless - all he really wants is to do whatever he'll find funniest.

Connection to canon characters: Was a regular at the Wonder Bar, and as such knows Trucy well. He is also the only person able to get under Klavier's skin.

Brief Background: Much of his past is a mystery. He started to make waves in the comedy world around 2022, but there doesn't seem to be any trace of his existence up to that point. Supposedly, his gang ties are quite recent, but the only person able to verify this was recently killed. He claims to be American, but he has a slight touch of a vaguely European accent that nobody can quite identify. And while his supposed age is 37, some offhand statements he has made imply that he may be much older than that. Trowa encounters Apollo whilst investigating the murder of the Wonder Bar's owner.

Canon sprites used: Wesley Stickler, Jake Marshall, Phoenix Wright (AJAA), Max Galactica, Will Powers