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OCC2018 - FanArt - Magno Von Karma

Poster: TheLouisGun




Entrant's Name: TheLouisGun
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Character's Name: Magno Von Karma
Age: 30
Occupation: Fashion designer
Brief Physical Description: He is a tall man who gives a lot of importance to appearance, so he always tries to show off his hairstyle and elegant clothes. He likes to wear a vest over his shoulders.
Brief Personality Description: Magno hates the trials and the court. Although he feels something of loss for his father, he admires him. He has a lot of affection for his sister Franziska, for Miles Edgeworth, his wife and above all, his daughter, who in a trial the Manfred mentions.

He is a happy man and very smiling, he is the weird one of the family, but he is a very conceited man who considers everyone should admire him and his work because everything makes him perfect.

He is the one who designs the clothes of each Von Karma, including Miles.
Connection to canon characters: Always being a support for his brothers, Franziska and Miles, with whom he did not take badly because he never fought for the approval of his father.
Brief Background: Being Manfred's eldest son, he saw in Magno the best way to make his name and legacy shine, but as a child he had been pressured to become a prosecutor and decided to move away from everything related to the courts; It is one of the reasons why Madfred became such a toxic person. So serious were his problems that they spent years without talking to each other.

He discovered his passion with the design of clothes with Manfred's tailor, who taught him everything he knew. So Magno with his passion and determination created a successful brand.