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OCC2018 - Sprite - Whilhem Richter

Poster: PhoenixAA




Entrant's Name:PhoenixAA

Character's Name: Whilhem Richter

Age: 20

Occupation: Procuror

Brief Physical Description: Whilhem is a young thin man. He's quite small but his grow isn't quite finished. His dressing style is inspired by the Von Karma. He's very distinguished and he takes care a lot of his look.

Brief Personality Description: Whilhem seems to be a quiet and a temperate man. He's a redoutable procuror and until the end of a trial he does all he can to win the trial. But he is easily angered and when he lose a trial he can lose control. He's often blinded by his hate of criminals and can be nasty.

Brief Background: His fathers are rich bankers. In the past his name was William Smith. When he was 12, he has been taken hostage for a ransom. During the attack he was violently injured. His face still keeps a scar of this day. But his family gave up on sue the criminals because of threats receved. Whilhmen never forgave them.
That's why he left the family's house when he was 15 to avenge himself. He promised himself he will punish all the criminals on Earth. Indeed his traumatism became an obsession and a violent hate of criminals.

Connection to canon characters: During his formation to become a procuror he met the Von Karma. He immediatly admired the 2 procurors for their determination to win a trial. So he became the Von Karma's pupil. He also decided to change his name in order to follow in the footsteps his masters and forget his past. He germanised his firstname and became Whilhem he also chose the name of « Richter » (which means Judge) to affirm his willpower of condamne all felons.



I inspired me of Apollo body to do the form of his body. I also used colours of the Von Karma and Franziska's hand.