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OCC2018 - Sprite - Rana Rupp

Poster: playinful




Entrant's Name: playinful
Character's Name: Rana Rupp (from "Runner-Up"), posing as Anima Ferrell (from "Animal", "Feral") in her "Cupcake Coyote" fursuit
Age: ~22
Occupation: Cosplayer
Brief Physical Description: Rana is a young woman of medium build with long blond hair and dark brown eyes. Her body type and many of her poses were inspired by Ace Attorney characters including, but not limited to, Wendy Oldbag, Sal Manella, April May, Cody Hackins, Ini Miney, Furio Tigre, Dahlia Hawthorne, Mia Fey, Lana Skye, etc.
Brief Personality Description: Rana is a shy girl who prefers to keep to herself and only likes to come out in costume. The fursuit she is wearing, however, is not hers. She is not a furry, but posing as one.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): After her murder of Anima Ferrell, Larry Butz, who was working as a janitor for the convention center where the murder took place, was suspected and arrested for the crime. Phoenix had to defend him, and Rana was exposed and convicted, leaving Larry with a Not Guilty verdict.
Brief Background: After Maya and Pearl dragged Phoenix along to the convention center, they met with Anima Ferrell (Cupcake Coyote), the winner of the convention's annual cosplay contest. Though Maya and Pearl immediately took a liking to her, Phoenix found her absurd outfit a bit... uncanny. The day after the convention, Phoenix was rudely woken up in his hotel room by a phone call from Larry. He was in some serious trouble, yet again, and begged Phoenix to come out to the Detention Center, where he explained the situation. He was suspected for the supposed murder of Rana Rupp, the presumed victim whose charred remains were found in the convention center's incinerator-- the person who took second place in the cosplay contest. Larry, being the only person who had access to the incinerator room at the time, was deemed suspect number one. Phoenix once again agreed to defend Larry in court. During Phoenix's investigation, he found traces of fur from the "Cupcake Coyote" suit, which led him to question Anima. He asked her directly if she had murdered Rana, and she denied doing so; since she was technically not lying, Phoenix detected no Psyche-Locks. In court, however, "Anima" was revealed to be the supposed "victim", Rana Rupp, and it was discovered that the real Anima was the person actually murdered. Rana simply stole her fursuit and posed as her to avoid suspicion-- since, as the winner of the competition, Anima would have no reason to kill Rana. Rana confessed to the murder, under the motive that the worked for months on her cosplay and she was furious to be upstaged by a "loser who shelled out a few bucks for a stupid animal costume". Rana was sent to prison, and Larry was freed and declared Not Guilty.