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OCC2018 - Sprites - Issac O'Gelasia

Poster: Ciel_Wrightworth




Entrant's Name: Mark M.

Character's Name: Issac O'Gelasia
Age: 29
Occupation: Detective
Brief Physical Description: Issac is a muscular man with a dark red wild mane wearing a green and black fedora and a green suit with a pink tie.
Brief Personality Description: A neurotic detective focused on trying the best he can to solve the case.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): He was a beat cop that was inspired by the heroic tale of Valerie Hawthorne.
Brief Background: He was a beat cop when he learned about the brave death of Valerie Hawthorne. He decided to do his best and got promoted to the role of detective when he was 27.

Disclosure: the following sprites were used for splicing/recoloring:
Turner Grey
Miles Edgeworth
Diego Armando
Larry Butz
Matt Engarde
Sota Saruhiro/ Simon Keys
Shadi Smith/ Zak Gramayre