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OCC2018 - Sprites - Melanthios Phens

Poster: Nicky Boy




Entrant's Name: Nicky Boy

Character's Name: Melanthios Phens
Age: 25
Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Melanthios is a young man with a "manly" (pfff) build. He was white hair, although it is not natural, as you can see by the roots, brown eyes, and dark clothes. He is also one of the few that wears his prosecutor badge.

Brief Personality Description: He is a really kind man and is always up to help others, mostly his brother, Isaac. He can get serious pretty easily, or even angry, hence his name (Melanthios can mean "black flower", showing both his "delicate" and "not-so-delicate" sides). He also has the tendency to get easily shocked. He is quite tolerating when it comes to others' quirks or flaws, especially with his brother's constant song references

Connection to canon characters: Being a prosecutor of some fame, he is acquainted with Edgeworth, although you'll probably won't see them being together outside of court.

Sprite sheet: