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OCC2018 - Fanart - Fleur Loks

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Entrant's Name: Anna
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Character's Name: Fleur Loks (F. Loks is a pun on phlox)
Age: 29 (AA timeline)
Occupation: bartender at a juice bar
Brief Physical Description: long black hair she usually dyes blonde and wears in braids, slightly dark skin (like, really slightly), light greenish-blue eyes, green earrings in the shape of drops, a silver necklace; when not at work wears a long puffy-sleeved yellow shirt tied with a white ribbon and a green pleated skirt
Brief Personality Description: usually calm (though it's unknown how much is actually calmness and how much - apathy) and benevolent, but easily provoked and becomes defensive or even aggressive (but never physically), which often works against her since, when angry, Fleur won't pay much attention to whom she speaks her mind. After everything she went through her nerve system can only take so much. Nevertheless, she shows greater patience with people who helped her at one point or another and usually manages to keep her temper in check if those happen to unintentionally hurt her.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Fleur was to be defended by a state attorney, but somebody hired Phoenix and Maya. Gumshoe and Edgeworth questioned her and the latter was supposed to present the case, but wasn't able to, in the end. All in all, Fleur didn't interact much with either of those people and they never met after her trial.
Brief Background: Happy childhood, a little sister who looked up to her, an overall loving family... Fleur's life's always been pretty good. After high school she enrolled into a university, majoring in economics. Over time she became particularly close to one of her peers, Buck Maker. It all went downhill from there, but Fleur was yet to see it.
After graduation two friends attempted to found their own business company. It ended up being quite successful. Gradually they developed romantic feelings, got married and all was well until Fleur had Pierce. Having decided to devote all her time to the little son, she passed down her share of business to the latter. It turned against her soon enough.
Buck's desire for divorce was sudden for Fleur, but she agreed to split up. She didn't see the real reason for that before it was too late. The odds weren't in her husband's favor, but whilst Fleur was set on getting the right to upbring Pierce fair and square, Buck simply bribed the judge. A barely 2 months old boy was taken away by his father. Ideally, Buck wanted his wife to be completely deprived of parental rights, but the judge didn't risk going that far. Fleur was devastated when her son ended up in ex's care. Try as she might, she never got him back, nor even got to see him. She fell into a deep depression. Once Fleur was weakened enough, Buck proposed giving her half of business to him in exchange for her son. She agreed, but he didn't stay true to his word. Just so Fleur'd behave herself and didn't demand what belongs to her back, Pierce remained out of her reach. After several other attempts at getting Pierce back she finally gave up when Buck threatened to kill their son, making it look like a sudden infant death syndrome.
Not too long after, there was an attempt on his own life. He survived, but fell into a coma (he gets better).
Everything from the motive to the crime scene - the bar where Fleur was working,- pointed to one person. Even the alleged weapon, a bottle of polish remover, bore her fingerprints. Fleur was taken into custody as the only possible suspect.
However, nothing is what it seems in the Ace Attorney universe. Fleur herself believed the murder attempt to be a very morbid way to set her up on Buck's part to prevent possible attempts to get her son back should the death threats stop working. It made, however, about as much sense as it didn't: he might've expected to get a quick help in a crowded place, but what about the dosage? Would he consciously pour enough to put himself through near-death experience? Not likely. During the trial Phoenix pointed out the true culprit, (the witness the victim had a meeting with) who tried to kill Buck out of spite. It turned out Buck cheated on Fleur with the witness, who gave birth to his child and has been unsuccessfully demanding "child support" ever since.
Fleur's name was cleared, she returned to work. However, despite her innocence having been proven, enough people, both potential new customers and even regulars, believed in initial charges and didn't want to risk getting poisoned. The income dropped considerably and the owner had to fire Fleur. She found a job at a flower shop.
Slowly but surely Fleur somewhat recovered from her depression, in part due to finding out the same person who hired Phoenix took over as his son's nanny. Although she didn't know anything beyond her name, Fleur wanted to believe that person was good. She did help a stranger, after all. About 2 years later Fleur's finally met her son in person. By that point his nanny was good friends with Fleur's sister and frequented their home. Once she brought Pierce with her, unaware the two were related. Fleur decided it'd best remain a secret for both her son's and his nanny's safety. Seeing how happy Fleur was to see Pierce, although completely confused as to why, his nanny started bringing him on a regular basis. Luckily, after all that time Buck let his guard down and didn't watch his son's movements.