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OCC2018 - Sprites - May Lynn Oak

Poster: loreleilawoffice




Entrant's Name: Sunny V
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Character's Name: May Lynn Oak
Age: 23 (as of AA3: Trials and Tribulations)
Occupation: legal secretary/assistant, later a defense attorney
Brief Physical Description: May is a young woman of Chinese background and short but muscular build. She has short, black hair with a slight wave to it, and dark eyes. Her usual work outfit consists of an orange dress shirt with white bow, a black vest and skirt that sits just above the knee, with black tights and flat shoes. She commonly wears coral-orange lipstick.
Brief Personality Description: A little rough around the edges, she is assertive and fiery on the outside, but incredibly soft and caring underneath with close friends who are persistent enough to work at breaking through her shell. She is extremely dedicated in both her work and personal relationships, but her tough and honest personality can often lead to misunderstandings with those close to her when she is often too blunt. Athleticism and being physically strong are very important to her.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She was a secretary for the prosecutor's office, before becoming a defence attorney and taking Godot's case post-AA3.
Brief Background: May is a young defence attorney, working under the casual mentorship of her best friend Nikita Lorelei, who was two years her senior in the law school they both attended. She had been working as a secretary for the prosecutor's office previously, unsure of what kind of legal career she wished to pursue longterm, but Godot's case at the end of Trials and Tribations is what inspired her to take up defence, as she wished for no harm to come to him as he had been her most, er, reasonable (and favourite) boss to date. She is very athletic and frequently competed in martial arts and sporting competitions, particularly volleyball and badminton, to help pay for law school, as her older brother fueled and supported her love of physical activity from a young age out of protectiveness, having wanted her to always be strong and capable of always defending herself. Her mother and brother hail from Zheng Fa, however her mother later remarried after immigrating, so she is of biracial ancestry.

Disclosure: the following sprites were used for splicing/recolouring:
Maggie Byrde
Mia Fey
Ema Skye
Diego Armando
Franziska von Karma