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OCC2018 Sprite - Shane Rock

Poster: ptyts_pravdin




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Entrant's name: ptyts_pravdin
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Character's name: Shane Rock
Age: 24 (post-AAI2 era), born 1996
Occupation: Defence Attorney

My name is Shane Rock. I'm a new defense attorney at Edgeworth Law Offices. And my story begins just like that - with a simple homicide case. Of course, if homicide can be called SIMPLE.

  • Brief Physical Description: He stands at 5'7'', has got black hair, wears a green suit, blue tie, glasses and his "one-of-a-kind lucky three-leaf clover", because it was given to Shane by "one special person who made the clover lucky", when he was a kid.
  • Brief Personality Description: Optimistic, kind guy, full of energy. Used to rely on his knowledge, experience and luck, which he obtained while studying abroad, but at the same time, he does not hesitate to ask for advice and support from his new boss and mentor, Raymond Shields.
  • Connection to canon characters (if applicable): A colleague and disciple of Raymond Shields.
  • Brief Background: Shane is a new lawyer at Edgeworth Law Offices. His career was prompted by events in his childhood, which made it clear to Shane that everyone needs protection and deserves to be heard. After studying abroad, Shane returned to California and began to look for work until he came across a vacancy in Edgeworth Law Offices, because Shields, after the events of AAI: Prosecutor's Path, realized that without a partner he could hardly hold this place long and become something more than a lawyer, who only facilitates the verdicts. Shane was immediately recruited and since then a new chapter in his life has begun.

Miscellaneous: "Shane Rock" comes from the "shamrock".

Sprites are based of Apollo Justice, hair belongs to Larry Butz (both main trilogy and AAI) and eyebrows - to Detective Gumshoe (both main trilogy and AAI). For some poses were used AAI Miles Edgeworth (sleeves), Shi-Long Lang (hand), Godot (hand, mouth), Klavier Gavin (smile) and Di-Jun Huang (hand). Color schemes were chosen by myself, only glasses were mostly based on DD-era Edgeworth.