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Phoenix Wright


Profile Icons

Young Phoenix, where he's wearing a face mask and looking pleased
English Name
Phoenix Wright
Japanese Name
??????????????? (Ryuuichi Naruhodou)
24 years
178 cm
Full profile of Phoenix Wright, who is looking to his right with a serious expression with his left hand in his pocket


Lawyer dude

Sometimes piano dude

Sometimes lawyer dude again


Spoiler: 1-4
When Phoenix was 9 he was accused in his class of stealing another student's lunch money (Edgeworth's). The class held a "trial" and determined him to be guilty, as he hadn't felt well enough to join the kids in PE, and was therefore alone in the classroom when it happened. In the end Edgeworth stood up to the class to declare Phoenix innocent, as they had no conclusive proof that he'd done it. It was because of this incident that Phoenix decided to become a defense attorney, so that no innocent person would have to suffer the feeling of being falsely accused. Phoenix, Edgeworth, and Larry became friends after that, until Edgeworth was abruptly transferred out of their school. Years later Phoenix began hearing the rumors about Miles Edgeworth, the "Demon Prosecutor" who would go so far as to fabricate evidence to win a case. Phoenix tried to contact him but was ignored, and in the end strengthened his interest in the law so that he would eventually be able to face Edgeworth in court.

Misc facts

Phoenix does not have a driver's license or a car. It's also a little unclear where he actually lives...

In the original game art for Gyakuten Saiban, Naruhodou was pictured with brown eyes. In the new DS art, however, he's pictured with blue eyes. This has led to the fan opinion that Naruhodou has brown eyes, while Phoenix's are blue.

Phoenix has been known to tip cows (in the American version).

The first suggestion for Phoenix's Japanese name was "Souka Naruhodo" ("Oh, yes, I see now") but that was quickly struck down by higher members of the staff. They settled for just Naruhodou instead.

Director Takumi speculates that before studying to become a lawyer, Phoenix may have gone to college to become a Shakespearean actor. Character artist Suekana, however, prefers to think he would have been a manga artist.

Phoenix was portrayed by voice actor Takayuki Kondou in the TGS special cases. His other roles include Hiroto Honda (Tristen) in Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Takani in Busou Renkin.

Dahlia's nickname for Phoenix is "Feenie" (Ryu-chan originally).

Friends and family

Phoenix is an only child, but he's close friends with Larry Butz prior to the game, and is Mia Fey's employee. No reference as to his parents.
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