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Meet Mack Newton

By: The Paradox

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Entrant's Name: The Paradox

Character's Name: Mack Newton

Age: 16

Occupation: Head chef and restaurant owner

Brief Physical Description:
He's skinny and shorter than an adult, has a dark red bowl fringe (that resembles the top of an apple, with a single strand of hair sticking out at the top that resembles a stem), he has freckles across his face due to his age, wears a pink chef's uniform, with short black pants, he wears a pair of grey socks that have a slice of pie as the pattern on both and he keeps a spatula handy tucked in the back of his pants just in case.

Brief Personality Description:
He's openly prideful of his culinary skills, and is determined to provide an excellent service to anyone, but he's also highly competitive on account of being extremely anxious about failure, especially due to his immature age. He also has a short-temper, but he's also prepared in case his cooking expertise is needed. He's also very naive, and might say something inappropriate at the worst times, since he thinks so highly of himself, that's he doesn't consider the consequences of certain actions.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):
Competing with Jean Armstrong to be the best restaurantaur in town.

Brief Background:
Mack comes from Mac, which is short for Macintosh, a type of apple, and Newton is the last name of Isaac Newton, who founded the laws of physics after he saw an apple fall from a tree. Mac Newton aspired to be a great chef at an early age, after being inspired by the head chef of a famous restaurant (where his father was the janitor), and became top of his class at the prestigious culinary school he went to. He named the restaurant Pomme le Banquet, which is French for 'Apple Feast', and he considers his specialty apples, with several other fruits being side dishes for the sake of variety. He is so confident in his abilities, that he hopefully one day hopes to hire a young apprentice to pass down his skills and teachings, and take over the restaurant himself. He's currently trying to destroy the Tres Bien due to his own fear of failing, not realizing that the Tres Bien already fails by itself.

Note: the date says March 1st, but that's because I'm in Australia right now. I'm sure I submitted it on time.

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