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OCC2018 - Fanart - Disa Derdienty

Poster: mriwashi




Entrant's Name: Iwashi

Entrant's Website:

Character's Name: Disa Derdienty

Age: 20 (looks much younger)

Occupation: Borginian University Student (Medicine)

Brief Physical Description: She looks like a teenager. Has blonde hair with dark blue shades. Blue eyes. She wears simple clothes typical from Borginia; her home country.

Brief Personality Description: She’s very shy and quiet, and aspires to become a great doctor, like her mother. She likes the color red and loves eating Borsch.

Connection to canon characters: She was interrogated by Phoenix Wright (some years after SoJ) and she was discovered as the assassin.

Brief Background: She actually has a secret job as a drug dealer. When she started her medicine studies, she started a project to develop a new kindof drug that makes you younger. But it has a side effect: it affects your emotional stability and personality. It might cause you to have a dissociative identity disorder. That’s why she’s got a second side to her personality.
She was able to hide it, until Phoenix got her cornered and she had no way of covering it up anymore.
She killed an undercover Interpol agent when he catched her trafficking with her drug. That’s why she had no option but to kill him with a gun she was hiding.

-She’s from Borginia, the whole trial occurs there, on a vacation of Phoenix.
-Her t-shirt is revealed after her breakdown and her personality change, a swear word in Borginian is written on it.
-She hides her pigtails inside her hat.