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occ2018 [fanart] Rogel Ataio

Poster: radicalhoodie




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Entrant's Name: radicalhoodie

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Character's Name: Rogel Ataio

Age: 31

Occupation: Ice Cream Vendor

Brief Physical Description: Rogel, a man in his thirties, is tall, maybe a little chubby, definitely rocking a muffin top, but, to be fair, he says it's the remaining baby fat and people are kind enough not to counter that. His hair is black just as his eyes, while his skin is neutral, although he blushes fairly easily, to his absolute chagrin. His left hand sports nail polish that he changes fairly often trying to make it easier to differentiate left from right. Still gets confused. He's got enormous feet, almost like a Hobbit, a very tall one at that. Always carries with him his messenger bag, which holds his deepest and darkest secrets (a bag of candy, a water bottle to stay hydrated, the Chosen bottle of nail polish, a notebook with nothing written on it because he never remembers to take the pen and his wallet and keys if he's lucky).

Brief Personality Description: Italian. Sweater hoarder. Ice cream enthusiast. A serene person most of the time, kind of aloof from everything, but still quite communicative and efficient in his own way. In his own bubble he's quiet and reserved, a fact that a few too many times has gotten him into misunderstandings about him being unkind and unfriendly. Which is probably why he got killed. Huh.

Connection to canon characters: he has a shop on the street that looks up on People Park, so he's familiar with people like Maya and Gumshoe, who are regulars, and Phoenix, who works arguably close to him and was compelled more than sometimes from Maya to buy ice cream. Although kind of scared of children, there are some he remembers with fondness such as the tiny, but weirdly loud for his small stature, boy with the friend who loved space and the cheerful girl dressed, as he would be later told, as an acolyte.
He's also the victim of a case Phoenix Wright takes on against Miles Edgeworth.

Brief Background: born and raised in Florence, Italy; he came to love ice cream working in his Grandpa's shop, where he worked until he went outside the nest at twenty to find fortune in the great Japanifornia. He there discovered many new flavours that made him both recoil and fascinated. He landed his own first ice cream place after three years of working part time here and there in the new country. During that time, he made friends with a group of people, who then invited him to play poker, a game which he was objectively awful at. He, of course, accepted. It was probably the reason why, when he made a big win in the game, some of the people he played with thought he was cheating, especially a friend of his that really needed the money for some personal reasons. When confronted, he denied ever cheating.

his name is a pun for the Italian of Ice Cream Vendor, which translates in Gelataio, hence, Ro-gel Ataio.
The reason why he went for the dotted pants was because, being always behind the ice cream counter, he thought it'd be fun to suprise people when he came out (ha) from behind it, people however never showed or felt any hint of surprise when he did, which dampened his spirits quite a bit. There was one person however, a very small, weird haired, loud child that, as he saw the mystic dots, quite literally screamed at his friend in surprise. It was a good day.
The day he was killed, Rogel was thinking about how it was time to put some tables, or at least some places to sit, outside the shop because "Well, it is ice cream. You're supposed to eat it outside, with your friends, laughing; certainly not stuffed in a busy shop!"